Brain, Speedy Gonzalez, Jerry, Mickey #1GottaGo

January 25, 2014


Rules are simple, 4 choices … they are all great (or sometimes not)
One you MUST eliminate … the one you eliminate is erased from your life forever

If it’s a food, you can never have it
A Singer, you can never hear anything from them again
A TV show, never another episode
etc, etc.

Brain, Speedy Gonzalez, Jerry, Mickey #1GottaGo


Who Goes?

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  • Dex

    Sorry, Speedy. As a character I’d rather drop Mickey but then the Disney parks would implode so…

    • @eclectik

      LOL! I can understand that … for me; it’s always Mickey … he’s never entertained me or made me chuckle in the slightest

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