GI Joe Class of ’85

March 23, 2015


He’ll Pod for randomness blowing hubba bubba bubbles
EDP is there!

It’s @JCorduroy aginst @eclectik the enemy
Podin’ to save the day
Wear’n underoos
Too tight underwear
You choose to not listen he’s doesn’t even care

Join me and my Guest @JCorduroy from the great Push to Regen site and podcast




Where we will discuss GI Joe
Favorite characters
Least favorite characters
The Cartoon
The Movie


… and a lot more!

Why Class of 85? Well I’ll tell you … because the second half of the show we will dishout classic Yearbook awards to our beloved GI Joe Characters!

It’s a laugh riot … a knee slapper … it’s the Polly’s beak!

The Fifth is also represented … What do you want YOUR code name to be?

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One Response to GI Joe Class of ’85

  1. Waltor
    April 28, 2015 at 10:01 pm

    Wow! The G.I Joe podcast was on a whole different level Please do some more 80s cartoon shows.

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