The $54.11 Pyramid

March 31, 2015


The EDP goes Game show!

Not like the Guy LeDouche, but an actual Game show! The $54.11 Pyramid!
Why $54.11? Well it’s an ode to the iconic Reeboks worn by girls in the 80’s they are called 54.11’s because that was the total price of the shoes after taxes




This show pits the Hosts of The Cold Slither Podcast (@TimDogg98 and @Classickmateria)
The Hosts of The Title Pending Movie Podcast (@P0lishPhen0m and @Fogsmoviereview)

In an epic showdown of … word guessing?


There will be Three rounds with Three different rules, all explained briefly during the show
Who will come out on top?
Only one way to find out! … tweet and ask them.

ORRRRR Take a listen!

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