Growing up 80s: 8 Questions I

July 6, 2015


New post, New Show!

Going back to my favorite decade (The 80s) I decided to post 8 questions on the 80’s so that we can all wax nostalgic on the good times
(If you grew up in the 90s, give it a try; you’re just not as cool)

Along with the questions, I recorded a podcast with a familiar voice from previous shows … Brian Morin! (@BMorin54)

So sit back, relax … listen, and if you’d like, post your answers to the questions in the comments
… also find out why Penny is here



1. What was your Favorite Cartoon Theme song?
2. What kind of bike did you have?
3. Who was your first crush?
4. What was your Favorite song back in grade school?
5. What was the first movie you remember seeing in theater?
6. What was the first album or Tape you remember owning?
7. How did you earn money as a kid?
8. What is your favorite 80s slang word

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