The Junk Food Show

January 20, 2015

80s Junk Food eaters unite!

All Junk Food Everything….

All Snacks that we use to get down with in the 80s and 90s before all the good stuff got discontinued (and we had to start caring about our health lol)

Some of everything is referenced, from Mary Janes, to Pringles to DunkaRoos!

The Episode starts off with eclectik dreams … one of the oddest dreams ever; involving Marques Houston?
… not to mention an Alien Soap Opera LOL

After the Theme I reflect back on all of the snack foods and candies I grew up on
From going to the Penny Candy Store
The Chips you can only find in Ohio
Tato Skins
… Mambas, The Hostess and Dolly Madison mascots, Mary Janes

Giggles Cookies!
Moon Pies
All of the Sodas, INCLUDING Hubba Bubba Soda!

Snack overload!

This show’s featured guess is THE Polish Phenom @P0lishPhen0m From The Title Pending Movie Podcast … AND

Together we talk all types of snack foods and cakes … Horror Movies and just about everything else
Of course The Fifth is hit and there’s a woman battle royal fight and a special Funkasarus reference

Mi5 on the show is My Top 5 favorite Action films … you wont agree, but feel free to comment!


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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on 80s Candy. Regards

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