Looney Tunes

January 20, 2015

Overture … Curtains, Lights! This is it the #EDP !

All Looney Toons, Merrie Melodies Everything! In this episode we talk

Sylvester and Tweety
Coyote and Road Runner

Memorable Episodes, Minor characters and more!

The Episode starts off with eclectik’s elementary school fight and subsequent punishment

This week’s featured guest @ShareefJackson Agent Jackson Operation Cubicle

He and I discuss our favorite looney toons characters and episodes as well as …

Unfunny/Least favorite characters
Foghorn Leghorn or Marvin Martian
Sylvester/Tweety or Roadrunner and coyote
Elmer or Yosemite
Bugs or Daffy
…and Quackbusters?!

Of Course the Fifth is represented, featuring Drag and Praying Mantises

Bugs, Daffy, Taz, Rock Head, Snitches, Foghorn Leghorn, Brown University, Tweety, Sylvester, Looney Toons, Elmer, Yosemite Sam, Elmer Fudd, Mammy Two Shoes, Little Hiawatha, The Blue Oyster, Mugsy, Crusher, Gossamer, Baby Finsta, Rabbit Season, Duck Season, The Scarlet Pumpernickel, Duck Dodgers, Stupor Duck, Cecil Turtle, Droopy Dog, Cism, Tiny Toons, Chicken Boo, Animaniacs, Elmyra

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One Response to Looney Tunes

  1. Waltor
    May 13, 2015 at 10:52 am

    I learned some new stuff about the looney toons. Very fun show!

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