Top 10 Christmas Hip Hop Songs


Christmas time, cannot forget about Hip Hop; Especially the Diamond and Golden Era; the contributions to the holiday is actually more than Just Christmas in Hollis LOL
I figured I’d take a moment to count down what I think to be the 10 Best Hip Hop songs of that Era

10. Run DMC – Christmas Is


“No dough for Christmas”

Run DMC back on their Christmas thing … not quite Christmas in Hollis, but as far as Hip Hop is Concerned, Daryl, Joe, and Jason are the end all be all.
…. hey you even get a REALLY young Vanessa and Angela

Give up the Dough for Christmas YO!

9. Merry Muthafukin Xmas – Eazy E


You get Dolomite and kids … not sure that should ever go together by the way

“Dashin’ through the snow, in a candy right top 6-4
over the hills I go, laughin’ at this hoe
nuts on her chin ring … makin’ me feel right
oh what fun it is to know, that I’m gonna get this pussy tonight”

… Eric Wright at his finest LOL

Look you get Will.I.Am and Apl.De.Ap WAY before Black Eyed Peas … that’s something

8. Christmas Rappin – Kurtis Blow


Look we get one of the most used samples in the 80s here “Hold it now! Wait, hold it. That’s played out.” Gotta love it!
A lot of people think Christmas Rhymes started (and ended) with Christmas in Hollis … but this was the joint for quite a while
… it sounding just like The Breaks helped lol

“Toys for the boys, for the girls glad rags
And the grownups got some presents too
A new TV and a stereo
A new Seville bout as blue as the sky
The best that money couldn’t buy”

7. Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa – De La Soul


Doing a song about Santa getting shot is one thing … and not a very good thing
Doing a story about Santa getting shot by his daughter is another thing
Doing a story about Santa getting shot because he was molesting his daughter … SHEESH!
AND making it the jam!?
De La Soul is do dope …

“Wanted to know if I could get a loaded pistol
That ain’t a problem but why would Millie need one
She said she wanted her pops Dillon to heed one
Ran some style about him pushin’ on her privates
Look honey, I don’t care if you kick five fits
There’s no way that you can prove to me that Dill’s flip
He might breathe a blunt but ya jeans he wouldn’t rip”

6. Run DMC and The Christmas All Stars – Santa Baby


Again we get Run DMC on a Christmas track … you have to have that! Before this song I had never heard “Santa Baby” before … I thought this was a weird original song LOL
But hey, we got
Snoop Dogg
Salt N Pepa
Keith Murray
… that’s a strong All Star lineup for any Hip Hop Posse Cut, I mean Onyx yellin at us about Christmas LOL

and Keith …
“On December 25th I knew I wasn’t getting jack
when I saw Santa Claus on the corner buying crack”

5. Let the Jingle Bells Rock – Sweet Tee

Sweet Tee

You really didn’t get many females doing Christmas Hip Hop Songs, but we DID get Sweet Tee

“How many of you can seriously say
You heard a girl rock the mic this way?
I say it with feeling, add a little passion
But I do it in a ladylike fashion
On the go, whether fast or slow
I’m a pro, so my rhymes flow
Grab a friend and have some fun here
Christmas is once a year”

Wish we could’ve gotten some Jazzy Joyce on the ones and twos but still … rare jam

4. Dana Dane is coming to town – Dana Dane


Dana Dane in the 80s could do zero wrong

This joint was part Delancy Street part Cinderfella … the story is beyond ill
The Wisemen lacing Dana with a Kangol, Shades, and a Mic

“Well I started my journey at the first light
I travelled the desert for a fortnight
I sighed, I tried, the North Star my guide
Pulled my Kangol over my eyes
Took off my Ballys, dumped the sand on the side
Put my Ballys back on and continued my stride”

The beat crazy, Go-Go on the hook … Dana Dane taking out the Sucker MC; love it

3. Christmas Rap – The Treacherous 3


If you’ve seen Beat Street I don’t have to tell you much about this song … you know it’s a classic (And you saw Kool Moe Dee without his “Star Trek Shades”

First time Santa cursed and telling the kids to wait for their Welfare check … while sipping Champagne with a straw

“That’s why the presents keep getting mixed up
cause year after year you keep fucking up
and now I know why cause you always drunk
instead of G.I. Joe you send me this junk”

“That ain’t a G.I. Joe that’s a G.I. jerk
with a kungfu grip that don’t even work
so all I did was just put him away
cause my G.I. Joe looked G.I. gay”

2. Cold Chillin Christmas – The Juice Crew


Look The Greatest Crew in Hip Hop doing a Christmas song? Damn Right!

Big Daddy Kane, Shante, and Shan flips this joint almost like the Symphony … even Fly Ty get’s in on it.
It sounds like a cypher in the studio, that’s what makes it so dope.

“Now I’ve been a good girl all year round
And this is what I want from the people are down
Now I am mainly speakin ’bout my family and friends
I want a BMW, a Jaguar, or a Benz”

“Santa used to drive a sleigh any Christmas past
He was chillin when I seen him last
A Lamborghini with a spoiler kit
Driver looked like Santa and I said: “Oh, it’s…”
I blamed it on my mind in an altered state
But chillin up north on a reindeer plate”

1. Christmas in Hollis

I don’t need to mention anything about this … you knew it was number one, how could it not be?

It’s amazing how universally loved this song is … came out over 25 years ago!!!
Rick Rubin produced the hell out of this song … such a classic

BONUS: Yuletown Throwdown (Rapture) – Fab 5 Freddie and Blondie

You didnt know this was a thing … remember the Classic “Rapture” by Blondie? Well, she and Fab 5 came back with a Christmas version

BONUS: Christmas in the city – King Sun

Another Christmas song from an underrated emcee King Sun (Ranked 19 in the Top 25 Bronx emcees) Peep the flow.

Honorable Mentions:

Spyder-D – Ghetto Santa

Outkast – Player’s Ball (Christmas Version)

Roxanne Shante Freestyle

That’s the list, anything missing? Wrong order? Hit the Comments!

Outside of Christmas in Hollis, what is the best of the songs?

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