Original vs. Remix – Bonita Applebum


Bonita Applebum dropped in the Fall of 1990 as the second single from A Tribe Called Quest’s debut album “People Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm

The original version had “Mr. Muhammad” on the B-Side and it was accompanied by a music video

The song is seemingly about Q-Tip trying to woo a woman named Bonita whom he had recently met, the song had about 3 or 4 remixes, but the one we are focusing on with this post is the “Hootie Mix” which came out 3 years later in 1993, this remix had completely different lyrics and used the legendary “Between the sheets” sample by the Isley Brothers

A lot of people are loyal to the original but the question has to be asked:

Music to music, lyrics to lyrics … which song is better?

Bonita Applebum – Original

Bonita Applebum – Hootie Mix

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  • RayyLive

    This is an EASY one. The remix is by far the superior cut. Hell… I don’t even like to listen to the original version anymore!

  • Big Neil

    You guys haven’t heard the “12 (Boys Mix)?” THAT’S the Dopest version, hands down!!! It was on the CD Maxi single which includes the Grace Jones beat sample of “Slave to the rhythm.”