Tournament: Greatest 90s Hip Hop Album


What is the greatest Hip Hop Album to come out in the 90s?

Everyone has their opinion, this year we are going to let the votes speak! On I’ve created a 64 seeded tournament were you can vote and when it’s all said and done we’ll have as close to a definitive answer aw we can get.

I picked the albums for the brackets, and the seeding (If your favorite was left off I apologize)

Start off by filling out your bracket … predict who will win

Every week what ever album is leading in the votes will move on to the next round until we finally have a champion

That’s it.

So vote, spread the word, have others vote and lets have some fun!

(Remember to bookmark the site to vote during the following rounds)

Click here to begin!

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  • michael

    Did this go down already?

    • eclectik

      Its still happening, hit the site and vote!