The Ruthless Posse: NWA Posse Songs

NWA and DOC 2

Parental Discretion Iz Advised (1988)


The first of the Posse Cuts they made, featured Dre, Ren, Cube, Eazy AND was kicked off by The D.O.C before we really knew him as The D.O.C. … and he was still just as dope back then:

The D.O.C.

“Ain’t too typical in any way, though the pro on the mic is the D.O. to the C. this is an intro
I know the DOC makes you want to take a valium So buy a bucket cause upcomin is my album”

Dr. Dre comes next with some of his best work, probably written by Cube:

“Lyrics for the adults, children have been barred and scarred from listenin to somethin so motherfuckin HARD
Dope, pumpin that’s so my shit will never falter Yo it’s Dre so fuck the “Mind of Minolta””

MC Ren, still underrated, slides thru with some of his Ruthless Villain lyrics

“It’s like Apollo, but I’m not an amateur And I’m not givin a fuck, while I’m damagin ya
It’s for the record; so Ren’s lyrics is gonna spin it And if there was a trophy involved, I’ll win it”

Ice Cube bats second to last, in ironically one of his last NWA songs ever:

“Drivin your ass with the flow of your tongue You hung yourself short, the after-knowledge was brung
to your attention, by the hardest motherfuckin artist that is known for lynchin any sucker in a minute
Stagger ’em all When I start flowin like Niagara Falls”

Eazy wraps up the cut, this was back when people couldn’t wait for an Eazy verse, he was truly a star:

“Foreplay; to me ain’t shit When you spread ’em I’m ready, then you can get the dick
of the Eaze, if you can deal with the size But if you can’t, parental discretion’s advised! ”

The other (and my favorite) thing about this song is after Eazy says “Advised” it is the LONGEST echo in the history of Hip Hop LOL … it outlasts all of the music to where at the very end someone yells “Shut the fuck up!!!”

The Grand Finale (1989)


From The DOC’s debut album Dr. Dre serves as the narrator or Host of the song, he doesn’t rhyme (Could be why this is the best of them all)
When Ice Cube is the FIRST to rhyme on a track, you know it must be dope!

Ice Cube:

“Picture a nigga that’s raw Amplify his ass and what you see is what’s on
Motherfuckers I slaughter, blow em out the water Word to me, fuck the father”

MC Ren then comes with the ruthless flow again

“The grand finale, yo, it’s my turn to bust So let weak motherfuckers turn to dust
If you’re weak it ain’t my fault Just take a kick in the ass and get turn into a pillar of salt”

Eazy – E takes his turn, and again, he steals the show …

“The name is Eazy for me to come off like the enforcer’ Mass murder motherfuckers in a course of
An everyday situation where I would stalk by Fuck the car; I do a motherfucking walk-by”

The D.O.C finishes the song off in grand fashion

“the D.O. to the C. now on the formula It’s rough; I mean it’s funky enough for me
And you can have a listen after that and this and D-O-N-‘T M-O-V-E wit out permission”

The Last Song (1990)


The Last song was on Above the Law’s “Living like Hustlers” album … it was The Last song, and featured ATL along with NWA (No DOC this time) but the song was still dope

KM.G kicks it off

“I’m ghetto raise to amaze the crowd, it’s quite simple Km.G has degrees from Unity of South Central
I’m a graduate and it’s all legit From the pimping, the ballin’ and all that good shit”

Dr. Dre up next, he even gets the Express yourself remix beat in the background for a sec

“And if a sucker ever thinks he can get some Yo, step off; I’m kicking lyrics for the deaf and the dumb”

MC Ren comes and flips his verse a little different from the others

“Now when you see me, you’re ducking and slipping, yo, then you fell Down
You fucked up and finally figured who was the cell down”

Eazy-E Sets everything off with his verse, again the gem of the song:

“One muthafuking two muthafuking three It’s the hip-hop thugster Eazy-E
So I grab the mic and then I clear my throat First nigga kicking lyrics in a straightcoat”

He goes on with …

“It’s Eazy for me to come off like this So you can kiss my ass where the sun rays miss
Or just give me the pussy and I’ll be straight And if you don’t, fuck it, I’ll masturbate”


Cold 187um ends the song

“ATL is straight to mega Don’t be surprise ’cause we played ya like Sega
And these bodies keep dropping, you see me keep moving on Peace, I’m outta here ’cause this is the last song”

Listening to these songs make me wish the Ruthless crew would’ve stuck together longer, every time they all got together on the mic it was beautiful, great Hip Hop from the West Coast
… Different styles, different approaches, always dope.


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