Kool Keith – (Bronx #17)


Keith Thornton, founding member of the legendary Ultramagnetic MCs (Known for the critically acclaimed “Critical Beatdown” album) has had more than many aliases
Crazy Lou, Poppa Large, Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis, Dr. Ultra, Dr. Octagon, Black Elvis, etc.

Debut Album: Critical Beatdown 1988


“They use the simple back and forth, the same, old rhythm
That a baby can pick up, and join, right with them
But their rhymes are pathetic, they think they copacetic
Using nursery terms, at least not poetic”

First Solo Album Dr. Octagonecologyst 1996


“Yo, I used to check out lyrics and pump the formats
Built with skill with technique, computer ADAT
My lyrical form is clouds on your brainstorm
I get hyped, think, thought, flow, acrobat
Sync the track, pump the track”

He is one of the first Abstract emcees, and the first to use “internal rhyme” … his style has been very influential and can be heard in a lot of today’s artists

over 14 albums deep not including the Ultramagnetic albums, Kool Keith is truly a Big Shot on the east coast!

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