Big Mouth vs. You Talk too much


Big Mouth – Whodini (1984)

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Big Mouth was released in 1984 by Whodini for their second album “Escape”

The song seems to be pointed at a specific person, starting with a rumor being spread about Whodini about something they did (Or supposed to have done)
The cool thing about the song is right off of the top, they take control of the situation:

“I used to get angry and all uptight, but you can say what you want, just spell my name right”

They pretty much say hey, listen go ahead and spread rumors but watch your mouth because one day I may not turn the other cheek and smash that ass lol

“Because I don’t get involved with he said, she said
So take my advice and quit while you’re ahead
Because one day I might not laugh
The day your mouth writes the check your behind can’t cash”

So it appears some woman went and told some stuff she shouldn’t have

“Because what we do is just between me and you
Not somethin’ that you run and tell your crew
But you had to tell Sharon and she told Carol
Then the story rode on just like a wheel barrel
Carol told Dee Dee and she told Pam
And Pam was overheard talkin’ to her man
Pam was told Cookie what she thought she heard
And somehow Eazy E had got the word
He told somebody I knew from uptown
And they called me up and put me down”

Damn they put him down though LOL

Anyway, they keep taking it to this unnamed source and hit them with one of the most quotables in the song:

“They call your mouth Almighty, tongue Everlastin’
You ain’t satisfied unless somethin’s happenin’
You don’t have to be there no more than a minute
But you always got to have your two cents in it”

Great song

You Talk too much – Run DMC (1985)


You talk too much dropped in 1985 by Run DMC on 12″ .. later to be included on the album King of Rock

The song is pretty self-explanatory; about someone who runs their mouth consistently, the mouth running extends from all persons, places, and things and extends to lying:

“You talk about people, you don’t even know
And you talk about places, you NEVER go
You talk about your girl, from head to toe
I said your mouth’s moving fast, and your brain’s moving slow”

They aren’t talking to anyone in particular; the humor though (especially for the time) is pretty good:

“Talking is the one thing that you can do best
You told the cavity creeps, to watch out for Crest”

Pretty much this song goes out to all the trash talkers, liars, gossip spreaders, and braggers, at the end of the song, they pretty much tell them to 1 themselves:

“Twenty-five hours, eight days a week
Thirteen months outta year, is when you speak
I’m tired of listening to the garbage you talk
Why don’t you find a short pier, and take a long walk”

Which song do you prefer?

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  • RayyLive

    Actually it’s my belief that Whodini had more hits than the Kings from Queens.