1990: Top 25 Hip Hop Albums


On the website I’ll be spotlighting each year of the Diamond, Golden, and Silver age of Hip Hop … ranking the albums, doing podcasts, and songs here and there.
After the 1988 post (The Greatest year in Hip Hop) we continued on, this post is the 1990

A 3 person panel grabbed what each thought to be the top 25 Hip Hop albums of 1990 and ranked them
The rankings were added and then averaged, the results are what you are about to read
With that being said if you dont agree with the position of your favorite album, dont blame me! lol

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Besides myself, the other two panel members are

@12Kyle – Podcaster and Hip Hop enthusiast
@AmazingJayce – Hip Hop thugster used to be a mugster

LOL anyway, lets get with it … we will start with 25 and work our way up, with a few comments along the way.


25. Intelligent Hoodlum – Intelligent Hoodlum

Intelligent Hoodlum

Panel Ranking
Me: NR
Jayce: 21
Kyle: 20

24. King Tee – At Your Own Risk


Panel Ranking
Me: NR
Jayce: 22
Kyle: 17

Kyle: He had a hit or 2 off this. Not a bad album

23. MC Hammer – Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em


Panel Ranking
Me: 12
Jayce: NR
Kyle: NR

Me: The year of Cant touch this, whether you liked him or not, Hammer was everywhere … this album wasn’t as bad as people like to pretend; it was mad cheesy and the lyrics weren’t dope, but it was a good time for your parents at the time
(Here comes the Hammer was my song)

22. Ice Cube – Kill At Will


Panel Ranking
Me: 11
Jayce: NR
Kyle: NR

Me: Neither one of those two ranked this at all, I mean it was a EP sure but it had 7 songs!Jackin for beats, and Get off my Dick (remix) were everything

21. 2 Live Crew – Banned in the U.S.A.


Panel Ranking
Me: NR
Jayce: 25
Kyle: 12

Kyle: We could never mistake them for being lyrical. They were far from it. But this album and it’s stance against censorship took a stance against everybody. They don’t get props for it.

20. Compton’s Most Wanted – It’s a Compton Thang


Panel Ranking
Me: NR
Jayce: 11
Kyle: 23

Me: To this day I cannot name anyone associated with the group outside of Mc Ehit, I DO know I had the CasSingle “One time gaffled us up” and that joint was blue … WAY before the Purple tape

19. Masta Ace – Take a Look Around


Panel Ranking
Me: NR
Jayce: 18
Kyle: 15

Kyle: Solid album by Ace. Good but not great

18. K-Solo – Tell the World My Name


Panel Ranking
Me: 24
Jayce: 10
Kyle: 22

Me: You had to like “Your moms in my business” everyone did, between that and Spellbound you had some joints here …

17. D-Nice – Call Me D-Nice


Panel Ranking
Me: 14
Jayce: 20
Kyle: 21

Me: The TR-808 and offical BDP beatbox dropped Call me D-Nice and had everyone thumpin the basssline of the title track, TR-808 and Crumbs on the table were the other standouts

16. Special – Ed Legal


Panel Ranking
Me: 13
Jayce: 19
Kyle: 19

Me: Solid ablum, a lot more mature than his debut (It’s called legal because he was 18) there were some solid tracks here Im the Magnificent and The Mission were bangers

15. Big Daddy Kane – Taste of Chocolate


Panel Ranking
Me: 22
Jayce: 16
Kyle: 13

Kyle: This album was the start of the decline of Kane

14. Too $hort – Short Dog’s in the House


Panel Ranking
Me: 19
Jayce: 15
Kyle: 16

Me: $hort hasnt changed ever, he continues with this album with a lot of funk … the track Short but Funky is the clear winner here but dont sleep on The Ghetto

13. X Clan – To the East, Blackwards


Panel Ranking
Me: 18
Jayce: 13
Kyle: 11

Me: The Production on this album is excellent, the Funk samples (Pre West Coast invasion) and the Pro Black Brother J and the hilariously dope Professor X, you have to have this to ride to

12. Digital Underground – Sex Packets


Panel Ranking
Me: 17
Jayce: 14
Kyle: 10

Kyle: People got caught up in to Humpty Hump and missed the fact that the production on this album was so sick.

11. Above the Law – Livin’ Like Hustlers


Panel Ranking
Me: 9
Jayce: 17
Kyle: 14

Me: Dr. Dre did his thing for ATL … they were the less threatening, relaxed, but still would kill you NWA lol Had the DOC did the ghostwriting for them? Man.

10. Gang Starr – Step in the Arena


Panel Ranking
Me: 20
Jayce: 5
Kyle: 9

Me: Ive never been a fan of GangStarr but this album was lightyears beyond their debut … The title track, Just to get a Rep and love sick were dope, for the fans of the duo there probably isnt anything soft here at all.

9. Boogie Down Productions – Edutainment


Panel Ranking
Me: 5
Jayce: 12
Kyle: 6

Me: This album doesnt get the love that the previous (and later) BDP/KRS offerings … this album instead of focusing on pro black or government, KRS went against everything from the white house to burgers lol

8. Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Wanted: Dead or Alive


Panel Ranking
Me: 8
Jayce: 7
Kyle: 8

Me: G Rap is one of the greatest lyricists of all time … and one of the most important/influential of this era of emceeing, the word play on this album is excellent Streets of NY, The Title track, Rikers Island … Talk like Sex; you must own this.

7. Brand Nubian – One for All

one for all

Panel Ranking
Me: 4
Jayce: 9
Kyle: 9

Me: Everything Puba did in the early 90s was gold, his new group Brand Nubian kicking the afrocentric joints with a little bit of regular raw Hip Hop, you almost didnt know you were being taught
Slow Down and Wake up … makes this album worth it.

6 EPMD – Business as Usual


Panel Ranking
Me: 6
Jayce: 8
Kyle: 7

Me: Not most fans favorite EPMD album, but E and P got busy on here, we got dope singles: Gold Digger and the Standout Rampage (LL Stole it) … not to mention the debut of Redman on Hardcore PLUS a new Jane, cant ask for much more

5. Eric B. & Rakim – Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em


Panel Ranking
Me: 10
Jayce: 6
Kyle: 4

Kyle: While this wasn’t Paid in Full, this was a damn good album. Bangin beats from Eric B and dope rhymes from Rakim Allah

4. Public Enemy – Fear of a Black Planet

Fear Of A

Panel Ranking
Me: 7
Jayce: 4
Kyle: 2

Kyle: Phenomenal album. Front to back. It’s not as good as It Takes a Nation of Millions…but it’s not far behind it!

3. A Tribe Called Quest – People’s Instinctive Travels …


Panel Ranking
Me: 2
Jayce: 1
Kyle: 5

Me: A Strong debut for the latest of the Native tongues crew … the samples and production is very dope here: Mr. Muhammad, Footprints, etc. We get the classics Can I kick it, Bonita Applebum and El Segundo … what we DO NOT get is enough Phife.

2. LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out


Panel Ranking
Me: 1
Jayce: 3
Kyle: 3

Me: People didnt recieve Walking with a panther well, so Dont call it a comeback! LL dropped Boomin system, Mama Said Knock you out, and Jingling baby … not to be outdone gave it to Ice T, Hammer, and Kool Moe Dee … THEN topped it off with Around the Way Girl, say what you want about his albums he has more classic singles than anyone.

1. Ice Cube – AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted


Panel Ranking
Me: 3
Jayce: 2
Kyle: 1

Kyle: Arguably Cube’s best album. With production from the Bomb Squad, they produced a rare sound. Lyrically, Cube painted an incredible picture for all to see.

That’s the List, hit the comments and Twitter if you agree or disagree …

Honorable Mention

Candyman Aint No Shame in My Game
Votes from Kyle for 25th, no votes from myself or Jayce

The Jaz to Your Soul
Votes from Kyle for 24th, no votes from myself or Jayce

Poor Righteous Teachers Holy Intellect
Voted 23rd by me and Jayce, 26th by Kyle

100 Miles and Runnin
Voted 16 by me, no votes form Kyle or Jayce

Run-D.M.C. Back From Hell
Voted 25th by me, 24th by Jayce, 18th by Kyle

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