Hip Hop Memories: Buying LL’s “Radio”

Way before the internet and knowing release dates I use to purchase music sight unseen mostly
… not too much word of mouth because Hip Hop was still new so not too many people had reputations

I remember using ever little bit of money I had on 2 things: Candy and Hip Hop

If I had short money … candy if I had $5 and above it was Hip Hop (Save for a couple of dollars at the video arcade)

One day I was rollin’ with my father and I asked him to take me to the record store I wanted to see what was new and I wanted to get an album, he stayed in the car and I walked in
Back then walking into the record store for me was like walking into Toy’s R US:
Records everywhere all over the walls, cassette tapes under the glass … music everywhere! All new!
I looked up and saw my favorite woman ever Roxanne Shante’s Album cover for Round 1 w/ Sparky D

This was my first time ever seeing what Shante looked like!

See I already had “Roxanne you’re through” by Sparky D and “Queen of the Rox” by Shante (btw I played Queen of The Rox for like 1 year straight HARD)
So I thought that it was probably a compilation of those songs plus a new joint or two … I wanted to cop it because I lived to have all things Roxanne BUT I figured I’d be able to cop it on a mix tape from someone …
(Dub it) … I always wanted to discover something new and bring something hot back to the block that people weren’t up on

So I kept looking

Then I saw this album cover

See, back then your Radio was everything … carried it everywhere rocked on the front step and chill, it was a status symbol
People didn’t have cars … they had Radios

So once I saw that joint I was intrigued … the other thing is back in the day you’d cop an album off the cover alone … if it looked hot you’d get it
Nothing was wack back then, everything was new


I asked my man that worked at the record store to pull it down for me so I could take a look at it

“LL Cool J” seemed like a cool enough name, I flipped the album over to look at the back and the songs, and I saw 2 things

“I can’t live without my radio” – At that point that was my motto so I was like “yeah this is my kid of dude”
He was in the extra hard B-Boy stance rockin the first Jordan’s

I was sold!

I couldn’t wait to get that joint home to rock it!

After I got home Moms was in the living room watching TV so I had to throw on headphones to listen to the album on the record player, as soon as the first joint hit I was like “YOooooooooooo!”
This is THAT dude from Krush Groove! (My favorite Movie of all time)
See in Krush Groove LL was the dude that busted in gangster style to the audition with E Love and Cut Creator and was like “Box”
Then he hit “My Radio believe me I like it loud …” and he got put on … that was my second favorite scene of the movie, I didn’t realize it was him though , you only saw him one more time in the movie at the end

The other thing is in the movie they misspelled his name on the joint “Kool J” (If you look close)

Anyway, after that I realized I DID have one of his songs prior on a mixtape “Dangerous” and the instrumental that I wrote like mad rhymes to
Pretty much after I copped that joint LL Cool J was my favorite Rapper

I’ll have to do a spotlight on the “Radio” Album soon … that joint is nasty

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