Story Rhymes #43 Caught Up – (Chubb Rock)

Song: Caught Up
Album: Chubb Rock
Year: 1988
Producer: Howie Tee


The story starts with Chubb Rock and his boys in Kings Plaza doing some shopping … looking for “A Couple of shirts, a few pants”
He spots two women while walking around

“One looked Def, the other looked like Mr. Furley”

Chubb being the player that he is, somehow spat game to both of them on the low, first the ‘Ugly One’

“Souped her up, called her Lipton and Honey Bun”

One of my favorite parts of this entire song he uses while describing ow he got on the Ugly one

“Things like that, Jibberish and crap, she’s a Skeezer, there’s no need for chit or chat” – LOL

He describes that her body was pretty nice, but she looked like Jabba The Hut in the face, thinking he shouldve passed on this monstrosity, he continues anyway “What the heck I got a condom, freak it”
He nicked named the ugly girl Mona the Rover … said she looked like a dog so he dogged it on the sofa , yet for some reason he enjoyed it
So he’s Caught up

Continuing, “I’m in love with an ugly girl but hey, I’m going to kcik it with the pretty one today”

This gilr was named Judy, he asked her to go out, she said yes, then went to the movies and then back to his place (The Chubbster has mad game)
After dimming the lights and grabbing the condom, he took off her shirt and then askes a strange question:

“yo? who broke wind? something smells bad”

It was Judy! Which causes Chubb to admit

“so now I got an ugly girl and one with the smell
but which one should I choose? oh well
I’m caught up”

So Chubb is now in deep thought, he’s struggling with the ugly girl who is fun and has good sex (Mona) and The Fine ass girl that smells (Judy)
He doesnt know what to do, so like all men, he calls his mother to discuss the issue, she says:

“Chubby, follow your heart and your nose
be celibate — no girl, be a loner”

Of course he didnt listen, he choose ugly Mona LOL

Hilarious song when it dropped, still dope.


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