I think that the impact that Hip Hop Culture has had on the world is severely underrated … started to think about what would normal everyday life would be like if Hip Hop never existed
…I’m sure I’ll come up with tons of things, feel free to comment and add on

If hip Hop never existed …

“Nigga” would probably be dead or close to it

I wouldn’t finish sentences with lyric and artist references; I’d be regulated to pop culture

Commercials would be rock and country or have to be straight forward … young black people would almost be non-existent

Children would be children longer and would more than likely be able to grow up and have fun like I did

R&B would still exist … pure Rhythm and Blues, unique voices and original songwriting

Talent would be rewarded

The Whole Internet Model / Video chick industry would be non-existent

More instruments would be learned and played

High School and College attendance would be up

Individual style would be more prevalent

Timberlands would be for construction sites only … nothing fancy about the style or look at all

There would be almost no interest in urban designers

Gold Ropes would be regulated to costume jewelry

Adidas All stars will always be laced

Radios would’ve never been on shoulders

Worldwide appreciation / admiration for the “thicker” woman wouldn’t be as prevalent

Car sound systems would never have to be loud

Public consumption of weed would be low

The word Beatbox would have no meaning

Hard would be Hard

Bad would mean Bad

My Mothers needles would’ve never been broken by a 6 year old me

Bling would be a sound and not a description or slang

Ill would be sick or under the weather

BIG would be alive and some construction worker somewhere

Pac would be alive and some nerd somewhere

What else? Keep it going!

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