Top 15 Beat Box Songs of All Time

Inspired by the “Top 10 Beat Box Artists” post I did, I wanted to actually shine a light on some of the songs those guys made, The emcee / Beat Box dynamic is one of the cornerstones of early Hip Hop and one of the more raw forms of the music … what I did was compile 15 of the best Beat Box and Emcee collaborations with one caveat … no musical backing.

Meaning no extra music just the man and the mouth … not a couple I had to include even though a snare or a horn was mixed in (I didn’t mix the records lol) but for the most part most of these songs are just the beat and the rhyme

Listen to them and leave a few comments when you’re done, enjoy.

Top 15 Beat Box Songs of All Time

15. Sitting in My Car – 1995 (Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh)

Sittin; in my Car was released in 1995 on Slick Rick’s “Behind Bars” album, it featured the remix was the first time he and Doug E Fresh reunited on wax since La Di Da Di and The Show
The Song was about Rick and his woman who was acted high post and was probably cheating … and he’s being a creeper scoping them out from his car lol
The beat Box from Doug was pretty basic but to have Fresh on the Beat Box and The Ruler Rhyming … felt like old times

Slick Rick & Doug E Fresh – “Sittin In My Car”

14. The Lesson Part 1 – 1993 (The Roots)

Released in 1993 on The Roots second album Do You Want More?!!!??! *Track 32 (In keeping with Organix continuity)* The Lesson Part 1 is one of the illest lyrical sparring sessions on wax, the emcees are Black Thought and Dice Raw
The beat box is done by Rahzel (Beat Box Rank 8); supposedly the Dice Raw verse was freestyle off the top; if this is so then Wow. Anyway, The beat box by Rahzel isn’t done in the standard/typical fashion it’s more bass heavy and he uses other sounds as well
Incredibly dope song

The Roots – “The Lesson Pt. 1”

13. That Girl is a Slut – 1986 (Just-Ice & DMX)

On the heels of Doug E Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew’s “La Di Da Di” a few months later Just-Ice and DMX (Beat Box Rank 7) released “That Girl is a Slut” it was a B-Side to their first single done in 1986
It was one of the most raunchy songs put on wax back then … this is before 2 Live Crew got in trouble, before NWA went wild … the song was wild
I remember playing this song over and over not knowing what they were really talking about, but liking it because of the beatbox and at one point my parents heard it and made me erase it … this was in ’86 I had not heard it again until 2008 or so
The song features Crabs and Boogers and just … listen

Just-Ice & DMX – “That girl is a Slut”

12. Jock Box – 1986 (The Skinny Boys)

There’s a lot of Skinny Boys on this site, The song “Jock Box” was released in 1986 on The Skinny Boys debut album “Weightless” it was pretty much an answer or inspired by The Fat Boys’ classic “The Human Beat Box” and “Stick’em”
Superman Jay and Shocking Shawn took turns doing verses to give their fellow emcee and beat provider his due props (The Human Jock Box Number 6)

The Skinny Boys – “Jock Box”

11. My Buddy – 1988 (Fresh Prince & Ready Rock C)

My Buddy was included on DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s second album “He’s The DJ, I’m the rapper” the Beat Box was done by Ready Rock C (Beat Box Rank 6)
The song is about The Fresh Prince and His Buddy (Ready Rock) their friendship and how they back each other on and off the stage
Ready Rock C does an interpolation of Impeach the President during the song

The Fresh Prince & Ready Rock C – “My Buddy”

10. Human Video Game – 1988 (Fresh Prince & Ready Rock C)

Also released on “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper” in ’88 Ready Rock C ups the Beat Box game by not only performing beats, he does video game music and sound effects, most notably Donkey Kong
This song was almost not included because it does include a little drum accompaniment but, it’s not enough to prevent this classic from being on the list
The great days of Video game arcades and Hip Hop … what’s better than that?

The Fresh Prince & Ready Rock C – “Human Video Game”

9. Latoya – 1986 (Just-Ice & DMX)

1986 Just Ice and The Beat Box DMX dropped LaToya also in the same vein of La Di Da Di which puts Just Ice up against a woman he just met and he wants to get with and eventually disses lol
The song itself is very dope, and DMX (Beat Box Rank 7) gets some serious bass on the beat box …it’s a Hip Hop classic.

Just-Ice & DMX – “LaToya”

8. Faye – 1986 (Daddy-O & Wise)

From Stetsasonic’s 1986 debut Album “On Fire” emcee Daddy-O and Beat Box Wise tells a story about a woman who they meet and eventually … have a three way with lol
The Song includes some great Bea Boxing by Wise (Beat Box Rank 5) including that ill drum roll … and just like La Di Da Di it includes singing … albeit this in a reggae fashion
This song is slept on and is a must hear

Daddy-O & Wise – “Faye”

7. Breath Control – 1989 (KRS One & D-Nice)

Breath Control (Dope title) was included on Boogie Down Production’s Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop featuring KRS One on the Mic and D-Nice on the beat Box
The song is a Hip Hop how to in rockin the crowd and the Mic

KRS One & D-Nice – “Breath Control”

6. Rock the House – 1987 (The Fresh Prince & Ready Rock C)

Rock The House is the title track from DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince released in 1987, The song is a ‘live’ performance with The Fresh Prince and Ready Rock C (Beat Box Rank 4) in a freestyle session in which they go back and forth in melodic fashion also allowing Ready Rock flex his skills and displaying why he’s one of the illest Beat Box artists ever: The backwards beat, Sanford and Son, Underwater beat box etc. all featured on this song

The Fresh Prince & Ready Rock C – “Rock The House”

5. Def Fresh Crew – 1986 (Biz Markie & Roxanne Shante)

The Quintessential Beat Box song, The Def Fresh Crew features Biz Markie (Beat Box Rank 1) and The Queen of Rox Roxanne Shante in a live freestyle session in which Roxanne basically goes off the top of the dome in a two person cipher as Biz gives you his signature sounds and even a Meow Mix sample lol
So Fresh

Biz Markie & Roxanne Shante – “Def Fresh Crew”

4. Son of Byford – 1986 (Run & DMC)

Released on Run-DMC’s classic album Raising Hell “Son of Byford” was a insert before the last song (Proud to be black) which featured DMC breaking down his family tree with Run (Beat Box Rank 9) providing the beat … it’s a 27 second song but an iconic Hip Hop Classic

Run & DMC – “Son of Byford”

3. A One Two – 1986 (Biz Markie)

A One two dropped in 1986 and was a B-Side to “Make the music with your mouth Biz”. The Inhuman Orchestra is a one man band as he rhymes, gives shoutouts to his fellow Juice Crew brethren WHILE providing the beat box on the song even providing a Nu Shooz “I can’t wait” interpretation

Biz Markie – “A One Two”

2. Stick’em – 1984 (The Fat Boys)

Stick’em is another example of how free flowing and fresh Hip Hop was in the 80s, The Fat Boys released this song in 1984 on their debut “Fat Boys” album it features Buffy (Beat Box Rank 2) with the beats while Kool Rock Ski and Prince Markie Dee goes back and forth freestyling and giving props to the Human Beat Box
The tongue roll and stick’em is as classic as Melle Mel’s errrAH

Fat Boys – “Stick’em”

1. La Di Da Di – 1984 (MC Ricky D & Doug E Fresh)

The end all- be all Beat Box song and quite possibly the greatest Hip Hop song of all time period.
Featuring MC Ricky D and Doug E Fresh (Beat Box rank 3) La Di Da Di gave the world its first introduction to Beat Boxing I don’t need to explain the story as if you’re on this site you already know what it’s about
and if you’re new … just listen

La Di Da Di

That’s the list, I’m sure there are a few more that could be included on the list but I don’t think you can make the argument for any of these to not be included

  • Bring back any memories?
  • Any of these you never heard before?
  • Which is your favorite?

See you in the comments!

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  • 88bluedevil

    I remember having to sneak and listen to Latoya and This girl is a slut when my mom went to work. Cool list still have some of those tapes.

  • Dan E Fresh

    Nice list. However missing 3 minutes of Beat Box by Greg Nice from the T La Rock album.

    • eclectik

      What song would you take off?

  • Hugo Bergeron

    100% Dundee by The Roots should be on this list.