Top 10 Beat Box Artists

In the 80’s the DJ and the Beatbox were more important than the emcee in Hip Hop, the DJ has now turned into producers and “Mix Tape” crators and the Beatbox has all but been forgotten, I figured I’d make a post to spotlight 10 of the Greatest Beatbox artists in Hip Hop History

Special consideration:

Baby D (Lady Beat Box)

Member of JJ Fad … lady Beat Box who really didn’t do much by way of beat boxing except for a few beats here and there and most notably Supersonic, BUT the fact that she did it and when the beat boxing was dominated by men gets her a shoutout on the list (and the fact that everyone had a crush on her back in the day)

10. D-Nice (The TR-808)

Before he dropped the classic “They call me D-Nice” and before he became a sought after DJ or Photographer D-Nice was the resident beatbox for the legendary BDP Crew, heard in full glory on the song “Breath Control”

9. Run

One half of the greatest Hip Hop Group of all time flexed his Beat Box talents on a couple of songs, primarily “Hit it Run” and the classic “Son of Byford”
Emcee Run, DJ Runnin’ things, and then Beat box; Run did it all

8. Rahzel

The Roots resident beat box and sound machine, helped keep beatboxing alive in the 90s and ’00s after the artform disappeared from mainstream hip hop, he was a mixture of a few legendary artists with some added originality, definitely a pleasant addition to the skill

7. DMX

Often forgotten and NOT to be confused with the rapper (Dark Man X) or Davy DMX, THIS DMX known for runnin with Just-Ice and providing the beat box for Hip Hop classics “Latoya” and “Shes a Slut” in more of the form of Doug E Fresh he was a part of two great underrated jams

6. Jock Box

The Beat Box for the Hip Hop Group The skinny Boys, Jock Box used elements of The Human Beat Box while adding unique twists to make brand new sounds, he was also the one of the first/only to do the talking while doing the beat box in a different voice.

5. Wise (The Devastating Beat Creator)

The Beatbox of the original Hip Hop Band (Stetsasonic) Wise, also rhymed on Self Destruction but he’s most known for being the beatbox for STET in songs like “Just say Stet” and the Classic “Faye” he probably had the illest drum-roll of all the beatboxes

4. Ready Rock C (The Human Linndrum)

The Human Linndrum Ready Rock C from the DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince camp was one of the more unique Beatbox artists of all time, much like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Ready Rock came with things never heard of with his craft, evident in songs such as Rock The House and My Buddy; he emulated popular hip hop breaks, pop culture themes, even did the underwater beatbox … definitely fresh

3. Doug E. Fresh (The Worlds Greatest Entertainer)

The World’s Greatest Entertainer, how could he NOT be in the Top 3? The beat behind “La Di Da Di” (The greatest Hip hop Song ever), Did the telephone ring on “The Show” Reggae on Lil Vicious “Freaks” Doug is known the world over for being a supreme beat creator … a legend

2. The Human Beat Box (DJ Doc Nice)

DJ Doc Nice! Buffy, THE Human Beat Box … probably the first beat box people heard of or the first that come to mind when you think of Beatboxing. When Buffy did beats for The Fat Boys there was no need for any other instruments, definitely drums, they did multiple songs with just his mouth and maybe a harmony … the hand clap is one of the most iconic elements of the beatbox

1. Biz Markie (The Inhuman Orchestra)

The Inhuman Orchestra! Number 1
Representing the legendary Juice Crew, from songs like “The Def Fresh Crew” and “1,2 1,2” He’s been the backing beatbox for a ton of Hip Hop legends and the other reason he’s ranked the highest is due to the legendary rhymes and songs he’s also been a part of … seems like he embraced the art form more than the others as well keeping it alive to this day (and a damn accomplished DJ)

That’s the list … I know more people are doing the beatbox and that there are championships and competitions but this is focusing on the Golden Era and the beginnings of Hip Hop with the more accomplished beatboxers

Shoutouts to K Love, Kurtis Blow, DJ Scratch, Michael Jackson, and others who’s rocked the beatbox on their songs


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