Record & Response: A Fly Girl

The Boogie Boys were a group out of Harlem that made their debut with “A Fly Girl” and “You aint fresh” in 1985

The Single “A Fly Girl” is a Hip Hop Staple that details the type of woman that was hot on the streets at the time …

“You’re not the prettiest thing girl, but that’s okay
Your painted-on jeans make you fresh anyway
You wear much gold like it ain’t no thing
You’ve got a name chain and a name ear ring”

In the 80s it was easy for a woman to be fly, there was a uniform, Kangols, Name Chains, Name earrings lol

All wasn’t great for the women on the song though…

“I don’t like the girl who eats the Puppy Chow
I don’t like the girl with mud in her toes
and feet that smell like anything goes
Dirty nails are what I hate most
But the gold fingernails are high post”

There was never a video for the song (Which is a tragedy) but the song lives forever in pop culture

A Fly Girl

The song is a Hip Hop classic, one of the first songs that gave props to women and one of the many of the 80s to inspire a response record (ala The Roxanne Wars)

Pebblee Poo was a female emcee who came out in 1981 and rocked with Master Don and The Death Committee and made the return record “A Fly Guy” effectively dissing The Boogie Boys original Hit

A Fly Guy

Not to be outdone … Sweet Trio came out with their own “Fly Guy”

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