Record and Response: Dear Yvette


Back in 1985 LL Cool J released his debut album “Radio” a Hip Hop Classic, on the first side the third song was “Dear Yvette”
The song was about a woman who … was basically a slore lol Basically LL was reporting, spreading, and confirming the Rumors that were going around about young Yvette:

“See something’s smellin’ fishy and they say it’s you
All I know is that you made it with the whole damn crew

They say you’re a man-eater during the full moon
Mascot of the senior boys’ locker room

They said Yvette walked in, there wasn’t too much rap
Her reputation got bigger, and so did her gap”


For 1985 these were SCATHING words! You have to remember also this was coming on the heels of The Roxanne Wars and making a song about a fictional (or non fictional) woman was the move, what made this one different was he was more or less condemning Yvette for her actions instead of celebrating her (as typical these days)

“I’m not a news reporter, I don’t mean to assume
What should I think? I seen ya comin’ out the men’s bathroom

You wasn’t in there alone, wasn’t usin’ the phone
The door was locked for twenty minutes, all I heard was “Moan””

Even not knowing a ton (or anything) about sex at the time I still found this song to be humorous … notice the lack of swear words or derogatory words yet the song’s point was still effective.

“You’re a back-seat queen, a elevator pro
A high-powered body makes your Levis grow

See the stories I’ve heard, they could amaze
I heard she did it on a motorcycle back in the days”

Classic Song … take a listen

Dear Yvette

Not to be outdone and par for the course in Mid-80’s Hip Hop … a response record.


Again, coming from the Roxanne Wars and the huge popularity, everyone wanted that type of success, Philly emcee E-Vette Money came back with E-Vette’s revenge (a la “Roxanne’s Revenge”) where she addresses and disses James Todd Smith for besmirching her name in such a fashion
At 15 years old … this is what was so dope back in the days kids just went for theirs and got put on! 15 Year old Yvette had her revenge
Now E-vette DID curse … boy did she, might have been the first female emcee to actually curse like that on wax

“I really don’t know how the shit began, but to clarify the letter I will Goddamn
First not last, I will say this LL Cool J, you know where to kiss”

“I remember the time I first met That L, downstairs in the lobby of a damn hotel
You Cut Creator, Mookie, and Earl explaining to the world why you don’t like girls
Guys fuck better you said real loud, and suddenly J you attract a crowd”

LOL she even said that they wear the same size bra

Check out the song for nothing else listening to a 15 year old girl diss Ladies Love for all he’s worth … old school Hip Hop at it’s finest


E-Vette’s Revenge

LL Never made a return record to E-Vette’s revenge, I read a interview where She said he told her he was mad she wasn’t ugly and since she looked good he didnt really have anything to say back LOL


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  • RayyLive

    I can’t ever remember hearing this song! And now I see why!

  • Crates

    Another interesting addition to this story… the 12″ cut I have of “E-vette’s Revenge” features a vocal version, a street version, and two dubs. The vocal is a radio edit dissing LL, but the street (dirty) version reverses all mention of LL’s name. It’s very confusing because it sounds like a song that is censored but leaves all the “fucks” and “shits”. The version on this page is a much more complete version than is featured on the 12″! It’s a real waste of wax, but what’s the point? Is it due to cease and desist from LL? If so, why leave his name on the clean version??? It’s like the weakest release of a diss track ever.