12″ Single: “Bass Game” – Finesse and Synquis

Bass game is a single from finesse and synquis
From the uptown is kicking it lp
It was our intro to the duo
It’s a hilarious story with synquis encountering a gigalo who’s gear and hair style was less than desirable

Bass game is basically a guy running game and fast talking trying to wrap women up and they fall for it but not these two

As the story goes, after they dissed him and his style he comes back with new gear (Fila down without the Afro)

They played along with his game to humor him and went to his place where they I countered a shoddy couch and rats

After being offended by the surroundings and offered drugs they bounced

The epilogue of the song complete hilarity where the “president of uptown”
Offers them all the finest of things:
Diamonds, shoes, dookey rope, etc

Which they then head back to the train to lefrak (the first time this writer heard of it pre- N.O.R.E)

Great song, one of my favorite old school songs take a listen

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  • 88bluedevil

    I still have that Uptown tape.