Erick and Parish Makin’ Dollars

From: Brentwood, NY
Crew Affiliation: The Def Squad
Debut Album: Strictly Business

Best Song:

Classic Singles:
(7 Minimum for HOF Status)

1. You gots to Chill
2. Strictly Business
3. So wat cha sayin?
4. Get the Bozack
5. Please listen to my Demo
6. Crossover
7. Jane


Erick and Parish Making Dollars the 8th ranked Hip Hop group of all time (Personally my 2nd favorite) were unlike any other group when they dropped, they took the mantle from Run-DMC is terms of Style and rhyme flow; the gold chains were still intact but they introduced the fisherman hats and the blue denim … and the cars “E drives a corvette, I drive a samurai Suzuki” The samples on “You’re a Customer” and “You gots to chill” were heard on every block and every box in the neighborhood … couldnt wait for the album to drop; Erick Sermon is a master with funk loops and James Brown samples. The “Business” theme of every one of their releases was dope, the Jane Saga! Unheard of in Hip Hop at the time, a running series of stories about this mysterious woman who seduces, and tricks, and dies, and comes back, etc lol incredible to the point where you would buy their album JUST for the latest Jane installment if for nothing else.
EPMD also brought us the Hit Squad: Redman, K-Solo, Das EFX, Keith Murray, Jamal and the classic headbanger …not enough can be said about E and P, if you dont appreciate their music you can Get the Bozack

Memorable Bars

Relax your mind, let your conscience be free
And get down to the sounds of EPMD

“The employees of the year, yeah we’re back to work
I took time off, while all the rappers got jerked”

“She’s fly, haircut like Anita Baker
Looked up and down and said “Hmm, I’ll take her””

“My father always told me to wisen up son
Cause if you hung with nine broke friends, you’re bound to be the 10th one”

“I need a man meal sandwich, yes I need Manwich
I feel good, now it’s time to do damage”

“People round town talkin’ this and that
Of how we sound like the R, and our music was wack
Dropped the album Strictly Business and you thought we was bold
Thirty days later, the LP went gold
So what you sayin?”


Strictly Business (1988)
Unfinished Business (1989)
Business as Usual (1990)
Business Never Personal (1992)
Back in Business (1997)
Out of Business (1999)
We Mean Business (2008)

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