Kool G Rap

Kool G Rap

Kool Genius of Rap

Hip Hop Hall of Fame for:

  • Emcee
  • Influential contributor/ambassador
  • Group/Crew

From: Queens, NY
Crew Affiliation: The Juice Crew
Debut Album: Road to the Riches

Best Song:

Classic Singles:
(7 Minimum for HOF Status)

Ill Street Blues
Road To the Riches
Streets of New York
On the Run
Men at Work
Truly Yours


The Kool Genius of Rap, Member of The World Famous Juice Crew G Rap’s lyrical ability stands next to the greats if not outshines them (EHH Rank 2nd All Time) pretty much started the Mafioso/gangster rhyming … the way he crafts and puts words together is unparalleled With DJ Polo he put together classics such as “It’s a Demo”, “Road to the Riches”, “ill Street Blues”, and more. Incredible storyteller (See “A Thugs Love Story”: Roots of Evil) A very underrated lyrical Juggernaut G Rap deserves all the props imaginable.

Memorable Bars

You know the evil that men do, hell is where the men go
We snatched him by his hands and feet and threw him out the window
Up, up, and away cause I don’t play, clown
Buck, buck, buck, take that with you on the way down
I’m hoping you got springs and wings on your shoes
But you lose, because I got the Ill Street Blues

The microphone fanatic, cause I’m the Asiatic
Brotherman from the motherland, rappers automatic

Deadly rhymes, here’s the solution
Smoking so bad, I’mma cause a pollution
With satisfaction, baddest action, fatal attraction
Drop you to an improper fraction

Sleep while you knock Z’s, I’mma clock G’s
Freeze rap heroes below zero degrees
Rhymes like thieves will seize enemies
That want to be G, like the Bee Gees

Rip the damn cage like I’m on a rampage.
And if you want rage, I’m-a make front page.
Read the headlines, suckers, todays the deadline,
your head is way past bedtime.


Road to the Riches 1989
Wanted: Dead or Alive 1990
Live and Let Die 1992
Rated XXX 1996
Solo Albums Year
4,5,6 1995
Roots of Evil 1998
The Giancana Story 2002
Half a Klip 2007
Riches, Royalty, Respect 2011

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