Top 50 Hip Hop Groups of All Time (50 – 25)

This site will have a lot of lists; Top 10, Top 25, Top 50 etc. revolving around Hip Hop this particular list will be the Top 50 Hip Hop Groups of all time

It was real easy for me to come up with a top 50, and I was tempted to do that and post them but I figured it would be a good experiment to solicit other opinions and compare them to mine, what Hip Hop groups do people consider great?
I decided to open the question to a few of my friends whose Hip Hop opinions I trusted, and then to their friends … this all came with some eye opening results!

This is how it was done, each person ranked their personal 50 Hip Hop Groups
Those who weren’t able to rank a full 50 (lames) did their best
The lists were compiled and averaged out, meaning the group got their ranks added together and divided by the number of participants
If a group was ranked by one person but not by another, that group received a 51 for not being ranked and that number went into the average to make things fair


… In this example The Jungle Brothers were not even ranked by Persons 2 and 3 but since they were ranked so high by the other 3 the overall rank is higher than Stetsasonic who only went un-ranked by Person 1
This is was done to make sure things were weighted as fair as this nonscientific poll could possibly be lol

The only caveat or rule: Each group must have at least TWO emcees … no Emcee/DJ duos allowed (Gangstarr, Eric B and Rakim, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince, etc.) That will be a list for the future

There were a total of 18 participants in the rating/ranking pool, among them were:


Interesting things happened while doing this list …

  • Wu Tang, Outkast, De La Soul, and Camp Lo were not ranked AT ALL by some
  • The Fu Schickens ranked AHEAD of: ATCQ, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, etc.
  • The Lost Boyz got a Rank of 3
  • EPMD received a rank of 30
  • 2 Live Crew were ranked 7th
  • Salt N Pepa Ranked 3rd overall
  • Insane Clown Posse and TRU were ranked period lol
These things ALL affect the final rankings!

… some people whose Hip Hop opinions I previously trusted has now come into question lol

Anyway with all that being said lets countdown the

Top 50 Hip Hop Groups of all time

50. Funky 4 + 1

Highest Rank: 12
My Rank: 12

The First Rap group to perform live on TV, and the first to include a female emcee (Sha Rock) with Rappin and Rockin the place and That’s the Joint 4+1 has earned it’s place in Hip Hop History as one of the best

49. The Dogg Pound

Highest Rank: 19
My Rank: 51

“It like New York’s been soft Ever since Snoop came through and crushed the buildings” Daz and Kurupt’s NY NY single and video along with Snoop’s endorsement brought the duo to raps forefront in the 90s

48. Heltah Skeltah

Highest Rank: 22
My Rank: 24

The Boot Camp Click’s Rock and Ruck the most charismatic members of the Fab 5 ‘s albums nocturnal and magnum force are slept on modern day classic.

47. Black Sheep

Highest Rank: 20
My Rank: 31

The Native Tongues first entry into the Top 50 list Dres and Mista Lawnge the crew that made you pick it up and stay on the lookout for strobe lite honeys … definite hip hop.

46. Leaders of The New School

Highest Rank: 14
My Rank: 51 (Not Ranked)

Busta Rhymes, Dinco D, Charlie Brown debuted with Just another case and Sob story, made a legendary cameo on the classic scenario and then released classic material, unfortunately Busta left and the group disbanded.

45. 3 6 Mafia

Highest Rank: 16
My Rank: 51 (Not Ranked)

The Backyard Posse, Accomplished Academy Award winning group .. Memphis’ finest

44. Smif n Wessun

Highest Rank: 14
My Rank: 47

Another BCC group enters the fold, Steele and Tek, the Cocoa Brothers … The super Cocoa Bs dropped SONGS and helped put the clik on the map

43. Black Moon

Highest Rank: 13
My Rank: 43

Speaking of the BCC and putting it on the map The BDI emcee and the laid back flow made noise with who got the props and … starting the entire Boot Camp movement

42. Kid N Play

Highest Rank: 18
My Rank: 34

Chris and Chris former dancers for Salt N Pepa parlayed Kid’s unique hair styles, dancing and lighthearted lyrics into a multimedia conglomerate, movies, cartoons, toys … surprised they didn’t have a cereal.

41. Onyx

Highest Rank: 7 (Yes someone said 7)
Lowest Rank: 36

JMJ brought the madface crew from South Jamaica Queens to hip hop Suave, Fredro, Big DS and Sticky fingaz made tons of hip hop fans screw their faces and throw their guns in the air along with rhyme they were in multiple movies as well

40. Camp Lo

Highest Rank: 13
My Rank: 15

Bronx Natives Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede are definitely one of the most original groups on the list and in hip hop period Their 70s laid back blackexploitation throw back lingo and production is always tight Luchini will forever rock a party.

39. Nice and Smooth

Highest Rank: 10
My Rank: 26

The Hip Hop Junkies Greg Nice and Smooth B dropped classics: Funky for you, Hip Hop Junkies, Sometimes I rhyme slow, etc. always able to get the party jumping the collaboration with Gangstarr “Dwyck” is a Hip Hop staple

38. The Pharcyde

Highest Rank: 9
My Rank: 46

When the West Coast alternative Hip Hop Group who’s members: Slimkid, Imani, FatLip, and Bootie Brown dropped “Passin me by” everyone took notice and went along with them during their bizarre ride

37. Das Efx

Highest Rank: 4
My Rank: 18

Krazy Drayzy and Books in reverse introduced one of the most unique and influential rhyme styles in Hip Hop history and a ton of people bit it, their pop culture references and bugged out word play cements their place in the top 50.

36. Treacherous Three

Highest Rank: 16
My Rank: 27

Special K, Sunshine, DJ Easy Lee, and Kool Moe Dee are often overlooked when it comes to Hip Hop groups. They were known as the first of the groups to really focus on lyrics and their fast rapping style changed a lot of what other acts were doing at the time, Body Rock and Feel the Heartbeat are Hip Hop classics.

35. Digital Underground

Highest Rank: 22
My Rank: 38

The Cali crew gave the Hip Hop Community The Humpty Dance and the first emcee with a true alter ego … The Sex Packets album with it’s Funk inspired samples and tracks were ahead of it’s time in a lot of respects.

34. M.O.P

Highest Rank: 10
My Rank: 37

The Mash Out Posse, if you didn’t know that’s what it meant you probably shouldnt be reading this list lol Put on Ante Up or How about some Hardcore and protect yourself Lil Fame and Billy Danze will forever get the party jumpin!

33. Little Brother

Highest Rank: 11
My Rank: 51 (Not Ranked)

Phonte, Big Pooh, and 9th Wonder critically acclaimed group from North Carolina

32. UTFO

Highest Rank: 14
My Rank: 14

The Untouchable Force Organization with members: Kangol Kid, Doctor Ice, Mix Master Ice, and The Educated Rapper made major waves in Hip Hop with their B Side Hit Roxanne Roxanne which started the Roxanne Wars also songs such as Ya cold Wanna Be with me, and Split Personality were mainstays in the Golden Era of Hip Hop.

31. Slum Village

Highest Rank: 5 (yes 5)
My Rank: 51 (Not Ranked)

The Detroit crew of Baatin, T3, and J Dilla brought the underground of Michigan to the forefront of the Hip Hop scene in the ’00s

30. The Fat Boys

Highest Rank: 19
My Rank: 21

The Disco Three, were one of the first Huge (pun) Hip Hop acts, their debut album was a classic, they went on to star in Krush Groove, and Disorderlies and made tons of crossover songs (Wipe Out, The Twist, Ready for Freddy, etc) They were true stars T Shirts, Jackets, Logos, they were the blueprint of mainstream success.

29. Grandmaster Flash The Furious 5

Highest Rank: 10
My Rank: 32

One DJ (Who got top billing) and FIVE emcees … back when you had huge groups (who also wore leather, beads and tassels lol) They did it all: Rap, Sing, Dance ..
Flash, Melle Mel, Kidd Creole, Cowboy, Scorpio, and Rahiem released the Hip Hop classic The Message and were the first Hip Hop act to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

28. 2 Live Crew

Highest Rank: 7
My Rank: 50

Luke Skyywalker, Fresh Kid Ice, Mr. Mixx, and Brother Marquis took Raunch and sex in Hip Hop to a whole new level with their song titles and stage shows, defintely one of the most influential acts in music period with their fight against censorship as far as rap music they put Miami and bass music on the map.

27. The Hot Boyz

Highest Rank: 9
My Rank: 51 (Not Ranked)

Lil Wayne, Juvenile, B.G. and Turk formed The Hot Boy$ in the late 90s and brought New Orleans an alternative to No Limit, the younger group had a hunger that started in the south and soon went world wide after the success of member Juvenile’s solo debut.

26. Method Man and Redman

Highest Rank: 8
My Rank: 17

Not a “natural group” like the others on the list, but they did make two albums and counting, Method Man and Redman two of the more accomplished solo emcees formed a group in the 90s after the single “How High” went platinum. The Duo has gone on to create a movie, Television show and two more albums with more to come.

25. The LOX

Highest Rank: 13
My Rank: 40

The Warlords Jadakiss, Styles P, and Sheek Louch have been Living off Experience for a while after starting with Bad Boy, going to Ruff Ryder before striking out on their own; known for their lyricism and street life mentality the D block crew keeps the streets on lock.

Anyone too high?
Anyone too low?
Leave it in the comments

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  • Mia

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the list. I posted my top 15 online earlier and someone called me out for including Camp Lo at 15. Had they been closer they may have gotten kicked

    • eclectik

      LMAO!!! Not kicked though … Camp Lo is far too low on the list for me but …

  • Shareef

    Hot Boys does get major points for influence, launching the career of two major artists in Juvenile and Weezy. I can sort of see them on a top 50. Fat Boys possibly for beatboxing … but still, I’d have to leave them off. And Dogg Pound just as a group, meaning just Daz and Kurupt, have had some great guest appearances but their own stuff as a group hasn’t been good or influential at all. They waited too long to come out.

    And who in the hell ranked Das EFX #4?!

    • eclectik

      Fat Boys over all the people you named, they were pioneers … Das EFX were dope … #4 Dope? No but come igggedy on! lol

  • Scott Fisher

    I’m from Queens & even I couldn’t put Onyx as high as #7. To each their own tho….can’t wait to see the top 10

    • eclectik

      LOL!!!! Yeah the second half of the list is just as frightening lol

  • @Mo_Rease

    LMAO… First of all, you have the link to my twitter wrong. It’s @Mo_Rease not @Mo_Mease.. Second, Little Brother came out during the 00’s. Not knocking them but I thought the criteria was 80’s/90’s. 3rd, who ranked 2 Live Crew at #7? I’m so serious about that one. Some of these other groups, okay I can see why they fell at the spots they did. I’m interested in seeing the remainder of the list as well.

  • kympocalypse

    A couple of side eyes, Hot Boys…really!? At any rate, great list and I enjoyed the walk down memory lane. As for rankings, I will reserve judgment until I see the other half of the list. But…Hot Boys…smh…

    • Robert

      Fuck you, faggot. Hot Boyz murder your favorite group and Cash Money still around decades later. Where’s your favorite group? No where to be found.

  • noah

    Hot boys on any top list =Bs list….the pharcyde is ranked lower than the hot boys and the fat boys lol

  • Riley

    Binary star, cannibal ox?

  • KRS

    where the hell is BDP?

  • Ben Talbot

    I respect the list, but come on, man. Where’s Ultramagnetic MC’s? Where’s Organized Konfusion? Hell, where’s Company Flow? Remove Dogg Pound, Das Efx, and Slum Village.