The Crates: “Truly Yours” (Kool G Rap)

In 1989 Kool G Rap & DJ Polo released their debut album “Road to Riches”; most people know the title song, the single “Men at work” and the song BBD sampled for their hit “Poison”
One of the more slept on and underrated cuts from the album was “Truly Yours”

Track number 4 on the album is about a woman that G Rap either dated or wanted to date who didn’t want to give him any play and ended up with a criminal background and a questionable lifestyle lol

Back in the days of diss records it was usually a song and then a response that may or may not have anything to do with the other party
The Juice crew had their share of beefs anyway with LL, The Hilltop, BDP, etc … but THIS song G Rap went after an unknown woman and her man in an extremely vengeful and humorous way

I’m not going to post all the lyrics of the song, just some bars to point out the dopeness (Obviously the full song is uploaded at the end)
The first 8 words of the song sets the tone and let you know what’s about to go down LOL:

“This I dedicate to the girl I hate
It’s a piece of my mind rhyme put on a plate
So yo go ahead swinger I’m putting up my middle finger
I’m not sad or mad I don’t feel anger”

Which you wouldn’t know from how he systematically breaks her down lol
The venom he spits out of spite is so dope, what makes the song ill is he is so vivid with it; you start to dislike the chick yourself!
Like Yeah! You aint all that! … wait. who am I angry with? lol

“You’re not all that fly trying to play the role
I had girls that looked better on the hoe stroll
Working night patrol, you know what I mean?
I get cash and still wear Jordache jeans
How can you not love this song? It’s old school to the death … Jordache Jeans tho! Like yeah what!?
I’m here to tell off, because you thought I fell off
And now if you’re riding the tip, just get the hell off”

Classic what goes around comes around rhymes … before I got put on you played me but now that I’m rockin crowds to try and come around now joints

“Perhaps you might have thought I’m a dreamer with a fat head
Now you’re stuck with a baby from a crack head
Come to my shows, you want to check to see if I wreck it
The only record your man got is a jail record”

The fictional lady’s man gets hit with shrapnel here … but his time is coming soon lol

“So you got a little 9 to 5, so what?
What do you do for a living, slice cold cuts?”

That line will forever make me laugh, I’m pretty sure G Rap was the first to spit “Cold Cuts” in a Hip Hop song LOL!!!!

The Second verse … G Rap lets her man GET IT … it’s to the point where this HAS to be a true story …

“Listen up money, or should I say honey?
You’re looking more sweeter than a Playboy bunny
Fingernails filed, your hair is styled
And the gear that you wear looks hot and wild
Everybody says is he, some kind of sissy?
Your name was “Moose” but now they call you “Missy”
Night or day lights, you fall for the gay rights
I thought you would stay bright, but now you wanna play fight
With men, and Len, your real close friend
But you wouldn’t be his friend if his knees didn’t bend”

Like damn! And mind you this was back in ’89 Way before “No Homo” lol

“Way back in the days, you was as big as a cow
But look at you now, at jams you say “ow”
A sex disease was a common as TB
But gays today get VD in 3-D
And that is called AIDS in case you didn’t know
And the only blow I’m giving is this knockout blow
Switching with your bandana looking like Diana Ross
From me G Rap, yo, truly yours”

He finishes the guy off and not to be outdone he goes BACK to the woman for a little resolution lol

“Yo, do me a favor, and pick up a pen and pad
And try and write down the numbers of the men you’ve had
So remember when you’re putting someone else in check
Go to the Wizard of Oz and get some self-respect”

The way G Rap weaves through the song and rides the simplistic beat you’re engaged with every lyric … waiting to hear what he’s going to possibly say next to the woman

“And in a year, I’ll bet you’ll be on welfare
Don’t cry for help dear, you put yourself there
The way it looks, you’ll end up in Playboy books
While your man is in Manhattan snatching pocket books”

And Being Kool G Rap, and even though it’s a concept song; he still gets busy with the word play:

“So when you’re begging on your knees because I’m clocking G’s
You’ll be in zero degrees getting processed cheese
Wearing Dungarees, yo baby I don’t need a girl with broken hands
Cause his man’s a woman beater
So when you get sores, from giving up drawers
Remember Kool G Rap said “Truly Yours””

Crazy dope, at the very end he stamps it …

Yo, I don’t even know why you tried to play me honey
Now I’m down with Warner Brothers getting Bugs Bunny money
(Word, now you wild females know how G rap lives)

Listen to the whole song … let me know what you think in the comments

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – “Truly Yours”

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  • Al

    One of the dopest songs ever. Lyrics, a sick beat and content. I always wondered who the song was referring to…the world may never know, lol.