Posse Cut – Uptown’s Kickin it


Uptown’s kickin it was one of the first posse cuts I had ever heard, this was 1987 and at first the video was the only way I could hear it; back in the days theyd release the video before the single it seems, anyway the song featured:

Marley Marl
Heavy D and The Boyz
Finesse and Synquis
Groove B Chill
Woody Rock
The Brothers Black


This was the first time I ever heard of these acts period, Heavy D’s Livin Large didnt drop until later that year and this came out before the Video for Mr. Big Stuff. The only person I knew from the entire track/video was Dr. Jeckell and Marley Marl

Finesse and Synquis were standouts for me too because outside of Salt N Pepa there were no other female group so it was dope to see another one

Other than them and Groove B Chill (Later seen in House Party) the other acts didn’t seem to catch on

Of course Marley Marl was on the track and did his signature scratch, all around the song was dope, this was Hip Hop back in the 80s … different acts with different styles come together on one track and ripped it … we had matching outfits and dancers and ragaee chants I loved Hip Hop music back then

One of my favorite Posse Cuts of all time: Uptown’s kickin it … enjoy

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