The 15 Greatest Old School #HipHop Dances


In the golden era of Hip Hop of course you had Breakdancing … Top rockin and the whole bit, but after a while that wasn’t prevalent in the clubs
When you got to the clubs you had to be able to dance with someone and not windmill all over the place lol

The best thing about back in the day was a new dance would come out of nowhere; whatever was popular at the time had a dance named after it
And with no internet …no Google, no YouTube, hell long distance was a million dollars back then all these dances got around state to state, city to city
Some with variations but the name and basic moves were all the same

Hip Hop artists would make a song named after the dances, some artists made up their own, what I’m going to do is count down the 15 best of the old school dances

15. The Heavy D Shake

The Heavy D Shake was dope because Heavy D was actually dancing … big men wasn’t getting it in like that back in the day, now the Fat Boys had their dance but it was very stationary
Hev and The Boys (G-Wiz, Trouble T, and Eddie F) would get the shake in … as seen in the beginning of the “We got our own thing” video

14. The Humpy Dance

The Humpty Dance came later more in the Silver age of Hip Hop but its popularity made me include it on the list, the reason it’s higher than Hev was because this one you could actually do with a female and it had its own song with it
There was a time when people thought Humpty and Shock G were two different people (Spoiler Alert! lol)

13. The Fila

The Fila was a mix of the Cabbage Patch and something else … it was side to side with a dip lol dope and underrated

12. The Running Man

The Running Man is a classic but it’s be diluted and made into a joke (Much like the Cabbage patch) which is why I’m putting it this low … and because you really couldn’t do that with another person, you looked dumb

11. The Robocop

The Robocop was dope it linked into a lot of other moves and dance steps … it was basically the Robot breaking and powering down … or back up lol

10. The Steve Martin

Shoutouts to EPMD for bringing The Steve into the mainstream and Steezo for busting it out in the “You gots to chill video”

9. The Roger Rabbit

I remember women nailed this dance and it was so fly when they did, the key to the dance was the double backstep … if you couldn’t do that forget it lol

8. The Troop

The Troop was awesome, it was almost like a stationary running man, but you could also move forward with it as well … Had a group named after the dance, remember the sneakers and the track suits and Jean Jackets?
The LL Cool J Troops?

7. The Reebok

The Reebok is a dance that a lot of people did but didn’t know it was called the rebook, the key to the reebok was what you did in the middle, you had to shake it up and make it funky!

6. The Biz Dance

The Biz dance … created by the Diabolical Biz Markie (The Inhuman Orchestra) one of the funkiest dances out (and one of the few I still do) the key to the Biz dance is how hard you snap and jerk on the down move lol

Q-Tip and Phfie does it in the beginning here

5. The Cabbage Patch

The Cabbage patch has been played out for a while and definitely made fun of … it was very popular and easy to do … never quite got how it got named after the dolls by the movement, but that wasn’t the point back in the day lol

4. The Smurf

The Smurf is another dance that people did forever and didn’t know that’s what it was … many people have copied it and tried to make it their own … now it’s a big part of the non-dancer’s two-step … but it’s The Smurf

3. The Snake

The Snake was one of the illest dances again because women did it and you could do it at a party or club on a date .. It was also one of the few dances that musicians could master and do in their videos
The illest one I saw was in the Pee Wee’s dance video (0:49)


2. The Prep

The prep might be the greatest ever … it would be the greatest ever, but #1 is a no brainer. The dope thing about the Prep is there were so many variations!
You checked the mirror, dusted off your shoulders, cleaned your clothes, mushed your partners faced, put your nose in the air, that wing flap thing you did with your arms … some of everything!

This guy kinda sucks at it … but he’s close.

1. The Wop

The Wop is THE dance Point blank period.
If you ever did the Wop … you still do the wop. When your song comes on, you do the wop
People who never did the wop … does the wop
It’s the easiest of the dances, and when you make it funky with the arms it’s incredible … when you start with the two arms you’re workin but when you really get into it and put one hand on your hip and have the other arm goin that’s when you’re gettin it in

“Do the Wop, do the smurf, baseball bat … rooftop like you’re bringing ’88 back” – Nas.

How many do you remember?
What’s missing?

Are you This nice with it? LOL