10 Hip Hop Questions: The What

More Hip hop Questions, just some fun trivia … I heard that the last 10 were too hard so I’ve tried to make these easier

1. What legendary emcee was first known as Kid Wizard?
2. What Hip Hop emcee co-wrote “Naughty Girl”, “Me Myself and I” , “Baby Boy” among others for Beyonce?
3. What emcee brought the Hovercraft to the Hip Hop Game?

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4. What is the legendary room number in the Bristol Hotel?
5. What was Grand Puba’s first Hip Hop Group?
6. What iconic Hip Hop groups were known as The Disco 3 and Super Nature respectively?
7. What were Doug E. Fresh’s sneaker of choice?

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8. What is the significance of Boys Entering Anarchistic Stages Towards Internal Excellence?
9. What famous R&B producer is responsible for co-producing Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick’s “The Show”?
10. What was KRS-One and BDP’s follow up to The Stop the violence movement which also featured various Hip Hop artists in the video?

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  • Keedo

    1. Rakim was Kid Wizard.
    6. Disco 3 was the Fat Boys
    8. Beastie Boys acronym

  • Keedo

    Didn’t finish 6…Super Nature was Salt n Pepa

  • Grap Luva

    1. Rakim? , 2.??? , 3. Special Ed 4. Room 1013? 5. Masters of Ceremony 6. Fat Boys and Salt and Pepa. 7. Ballys 8. Acronym for BEASTIE(Beastie Boys) 9. Teddy Riley 10. H.E.A.L.