The Diss: How ya Like Me Now (Kool Moe Dee)

Kool Moe Dee rocked with The Treacherous Three and had a legendary battle with Busy Bee (If you’re here on this site, you already know this)

In 1987 Kool Moe Dee dropped his “How ya like me now” album and if you looked REALLY Closely …if you were paying attention you’d see LL Cool J’s signature Kangol under the tire of Moe Dee’s Jeep
If you were a Hip Hop fan back then you knew it was on!


Moe Dee went on to attack LL on the title track with lines such as:

“I’m bigger and better, forget about deffer”

“When I finish then, Iā€™m gonna ask him
Who’s the best, and if he don’t say Moe Dee
I’ll take my whip and make him call himself Toby”

“I never understood, how could one go
To a party, watch me, stand around and jock me
Become a rapper, then try to rock me”

It started one of the more famous battles and series of diss songs in Hip Hop history

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