Story Rhymes #50 I Cram To Understand U – (MC Lyte)

Counting down the 50 greatest Hip Hop story rhymes of the Golden and Silver era


  • Song: I cram to under stand you
  • Album: Lyte as a rock
  • Year: 1988
  • Producer: Audio Two


The Story

This is a Story about Lyte and a man named Sam she met at Empire, a disco in 1981
His brother Barry introduced them. .. She thought he was cute but he had a clam head … anyway he had just broken up with his girlfriend Terry and I guess was on the market
They hit it off that night and later went back to Lyte’s place and watched TV whist drinking some Reunite on ice … had to do that.

Anyway, he tried to smash then but she didn’t let him … a month later she finally went to Sam’s spot (she waited a whole month, but let him over at her place the first night … weren’t the 80s dope?)
When she went over Sam’s house it was a girl on the couch, he said it was his cousin … Barry agreed but then later on snitched on him
No matter, they stayed together … then they went to a club called Duce where Sam knew everyone!

“You knew the dopes, pushers, the addicts, everybody” (A line that Nas borrowed later)

At this point Lyte’s cousin told her that Sam was hanging out with a Miss C, basically Lyte was alike get out of me and my man’s business … I don’t know anything about a Miss C

Later he started getting thin, said it was exercise, though Lyte figured it to be a lie, he also started asking for money … she hooked him a few times but he kept asking and she got fed up and ended the relationship

Afterwards she kept seeing him at Empire, trying to push up on women, trying to smash, trying to get money and later found out that Miss C was actually Crack

“And as for this girl, Miss C, oh well
I was shocked as hell when I heard, Samuel
When your homeboys told me, I almost went wack
That the girl you was addicted to, her name was Crack”

Pretty dope story

You know … her cousin could’ve just said Crack … that “Miss C” mess was uncesseraily cryptic lol

Peep the song

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