D-Nice – (Bronx #21)


“Think realistically, not egotistically It’s suicide if you even think of dissing me ‘Cause if you try, I’m a make you wait To learn the reason I’m the 808, but just call me D-Nice”

Derrick Jones is dope, Photographer, Beatbox (Breath Control), DJ, Producer; he even brought us Kid Rock! But here we focus on his emceeing

We knew D-Nice from Boogie Down Productions with KRS, Scott LaRock and Kenny Parker, he was the Beatbox on Breath Control from the Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop album

When “Call me D-Nice” dropped in the Summer of 1990 the beat and flow hit the streets hard, He immediately had one of the most copied names … everyone whose named began with a “D” were “D-Nice” all of a sudden lol.


The TR-808 brought a different kind of cool to the BDP collective, he wasn’t as political as KRS; he was more on the ladies
“Crumbs on the table” “The TR 808 is coming” were also standouts on the first album, Glory too.

D-Nice also rhymed on “Self Destruction” with the Stop The Violence Movement, in 1991 he released “To tha Rescue” not much Boogie Down to that release but 25 Ta Life and Time to Flow were dope

… Please check his True Hip Hop Stories series too, VERY Dope!

Coming in at number 21 in the Top 25 Bronx emcee’s … D-Nice.


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