Story Rhymes #48 Tonite – (DJ Quik)

Counting down the 50 greatest Hip Hop story rhymes of the Golden and Silver era


  • Song: Tonite
  • Album: Quik is the name
  • Year: 1991
  • Producer: DJ Quik


“A Day in the life of a brother named Quik”

This mellow groove, starts with a great Kleeer sample, the story begins on Friday (Morning) with a phone call, G Calls and says he’s coming through at 2:00
and Quik takes this opportunity to take … a bath. (It wasn’t seen as not gangster to rhyme about taking a bubble bath back in the day)
Fast forward to people coming through, cars and drinks are being had but Quik says he doesn’t want to start earlin so instead he decides to put his 40 oz in the freezer
so he can get bent later that night

Fresh out of the tub and into his Burgundy trimmed sweatsuit 5:30 at this point, and he’s ready for “a glassful” of his 40oz, not to be outdone a blunt is being rolled by Ham … it’s fatter than a pinky and the length of a pencil
So after Freakie and Shabby took their hits, it was Quik’s turn

“It’s the bomb!!!
Yo I can feel my senses Get numb!!!
Yo fuck the forty ounce I need some rum!!!
I’m chillin like a villain Here I come!!!
And that’s how I’m livin”

Now everyone is feeling good, and Crusher (another homie) comes though with a hand full of snaps, so now a Craps game breaks out

HI-C won some money, but Quik had the hot hand with his 7s and 11s and he was taking their money

Fast forward now to Saturday morning and Quik is hungover from all the drinking from “Last nite”

He tells God he will never drink again if he just let him live … Mike P hit him up, but Quik couldn’t do much because he was too busy throwing up
needing a 7-Up because his head is spinnin he sits down, feeling faint, His homey shot is feeling fine though.
Then K (Another homie) calls and Teddy (Another homie) is at the door and they say some women are coming though later on around 4
One of his boys asks “I thought you aint drinkin no more”
Quik responds:

“Yeah right
Because as soon as they come, we doin the same ol shit *tonite*”

Classic tale of a night of drinking, smoking, gambling, getting hungover and women making you do it all over again lol

That is our #48 Hip Hop story

“We out (what about peace?) Fuck peace nigga, give me another brew”

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