Story Rhymes #47 Hickeys Around My Neck – (Audio Two)


Counting down the 50 greatest Hip Hop story rhymes of the Golden and Silver era

Song: Hickeys around my neck
Album: What more can I say
Year: 1988
Producer: Gizmo


The story starts out with Milk D with hickeys around his neck which he hates, since felt good though he didn’t really give a heck
once he got home he used a comb and a brush to try and eliminate the hickeys, Gizmo comments to Milk that he shouldn’t have let the girl suck on his neck in the first place
(Not that using a comb and a brush to try and get rid of them was dumb, but anyway)
Milk continues that he tried lotion but the hickeys only got soft, this wouldn’t really be an issue but Milk’s girl was coming over soon and she was NOT the one who gave him the hickeys

Next Milk called up King of Chill (a homie) and asked his help, Chill told him to rock a turtleneck sweater
Milk replied that was wack (Which it was, but it’s better than combing it with lotion) Milk figured what the heck and searched for a turtleneck, he couldn’t find one anywhere in he house, he then asked his father for a turtleneck
His father gave him some sage wisdom:

“Oh son that just won’t work;
You’ll feel real hot and you’ll look like a jerk”

Can’t really argue with Dad’s take on this, Milk agrees and asks for an alternative and his father tells him to go and get a piece of ice and put it on his neck
Milk thinks it’s cold but again, what the heck … so Milk goes to get the ice out of the freezer and puts it on his neck after waiting and waiting the hickey actually faded
… see Dad’s know how to make things happen, anyway

after this entire ordeal, it was time for Milk D’s girlfriend to come over, she rings his doorbell and Milk goes to answer the door and his girl was standing there with a hickey on her neck!

What was Milk’s reaction? After also having a hickey on his nek all day from some other woman? Well …

“I punched her in the mouth her lip I did wreck
That’s how I felt so what, the heck?
What, the heck?”

See this was back when you could say those types of things, we paid it no mind, it was a funny resolution to the story, nothing more nothing less … Hip Hop and sensitivities were so simple back in the day

Audio Two

Feel free to enjoy the song …

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