Hall of Fame Criteria


On this site you will see emcees and other artists inducted into The (Encyclopedia Hip Hop) Hip Hop Hall of Fame where I’d like to spotlight and give recognition to the greatest and legends in the industry that made Hip Hop what it is
Instead of waiting until they pass away or get sick or broke or all of the above; let’s honor the best that has ever done it and the real contributors to the Hip Hop Culture!

There are different “Wings” of the Hip Hop Hall of fame; the inductees/honorees will fall under one or more of these categories:

  • Emcee
  • Influential contributor/ambassador
  • Group/Crew
  • Non Performer

For a soloist emcee and Group the criterion for nomination is:

  1. 2 Classic albums minimum (1 Timeless, 1 Modern or 3 Modern)
  2. At least 7 classic solo singles
  3. 20 must pass since their debut album

Non-performers and Influential Contributors may include:

  • Producers of classic albums and tracks (2 Albums or 7 Tracks)
  • DJs
  • Hype Men
  • Dancers
  • Artists
  • Fashion designers
  • Hosts and Radio DJs

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