Story Rhymes #46 Who’s Booty – (EPMD)


Song: Who’s Booty
Album: Unfinished Business
Year: 1989
Producer: EPMD
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Continuing the countdown of the greatest story rhymes in Hip Hop’s Golden Era ….

The story starts with E Double and a girl Kim he met at a Hip Hop club … very sweaty girl. She was trying to get Erick to leave because she was ready to sex him down
Knowing this, Erick rolls a blunt (In the club? I guess …) They went back to Kim’s house, who was living right judging by the crib … not only that she cooks as she offered E some BBQ Ribs
Erick declines and asks for some Gin, they settle in and she plays Roni by “Mr. Bobby Brown” by the time it was really to get down to business Erick suggests she puts on James Brown
This may have taken Kim by surprise as she says…

“No kinky stuff, like ropes or handcuffs
But when you love me please don’t be ruff”

To which E Dubs responds with singing

“I’ll be gentle, I’ll be very gentle, when I’m ahlovin yooooouu … when I’m lovin yoouuuuuuu”

Before they could really get down to it, Erick decided it wasn’t worth it, he didn’t like fishing, and he also becomes the first rapper to use “Tutti Fruity” on wax:

“You can call me gay or a tutti-frutti
But I won’t touch it until I know who’s Booty”

PMD’s turn …

Parrish is rolling around talking to Erick on his cell phone and was taken aback by a woman who was checkin him out, he parks the car, turns the music down and spits game to her
… He asks if she’s new in town (because P can spot a newbie) she actually says yes and PMD offers her a ride
The woman actually having some brains says

“My mother always told me not to ride with strangers
If I did, than my life would be in danger”

But relentless Parrish says he’s not a stranger but he’s a “Well known singer”

She gets in the car with him, EVEN THOUGH Parrish clearly had a 40oz of beer in his lap … so that having some brains goes out the window since he was clearly drinking and driving
(Though on this very tape “You had too much to drink” is featured) … anyway,

Genius gets in the car and asks if P is a Medical Doctor, he says …

“Close but no cigar, I’m the microphone doctor
Who performs open surgery, on MC’s that are willing
Except to try same them, I try to kill them”

PMD drives her home (She lives with her mother, who wasn’t there) … so naturally Parrish lights a blunt while also drinking the afore-mentioned 40 Dog
They make their way to her room, Parrish straps on the condom (Responsible) though as he got ready to get on with the get down he noticed a smell
“The Booty was cold kickin like They Call me Bruce”

He says he had to cover his nose not to ruin the mood … he smelled seafood

“Smelled like shrimp or lobster, or tuna of the sea
And it wasn’t worth catching the A-the I-the D-to the S-oh yes
The S is for safe sex”

Not saying stank vagina means AIDS but … it’s safe to say nothing good could come from it, the hesitation made the girl grab him closer then P straight asked her if she douched or not
… she said no and she’s not a swinger … Parrish wasn’t buying it after smelling his fingers

Feeling like he was playing himself PMD got up and grab his stuff and dipped … this didn’t make the girl happy which prompted Parrish to pause, look her eye to eye and ask…

Who’s Booty?

LOL I loved this song, me and my boys joked about this all the time when it dropped, the misadventures of sour crotches LOL … anyway, take a listen if you have any comments, leave them below

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