King Sun – (Bronx #19)


“So if you are such a scholar, why can’t you make a dollar
You oughta make plans with the funeral parlor
Dig the grave deeper, meet the grim reaper
Sign on the line and resign, it’s cheaper
For you to fade away, but it’s okay
For you to come and see me rock at the party one day
You’ll see that I’m the reigning rock champion
So you have witnessed the rise of the mighty King Sun”

You might’ve missed King Sun if you weren’t paying attention in the late 80s and early 90s, which is tough because he was 6′-7″!
He had the voice and lyrics to match … on his debut album “XL” he did 3 love song/story’s from three different angles, pursuit, in the relationship, and the breakup … it was dope.
The only problem with his first album is it came out far after his first singles. Hey Love/Mythological Rappers he did with D Moet was an incredible 12″ record in 1987

The Song Hey Love where he sampled Moments in Love … this was 1987 a love Hip Hop Song and that Sample was incredible, they rocked this song on the Quiet Storm on the radio back in the way

You’ll also want to hear the song “Fat Tape” one of the first joints to mention Mix tapes in Hip Hop (And this was 89 people wasn’t using the word “Phat” then)

“Put a tape in a box, start walkin’ around
No need to rewind or turn the tape down
Turn it up past 10 and have no fear
You are playin’ one of many fat jams to hear
In the winter or the summer, or any time
Nothin’ is recorded over none of my rhyme
Soundwave static, no interference
People applaud by the sight of my appearance
No top hat, tuxedo or cape
Just me on the m-i-c and a fat tape”

Check The XL album, and the Righteous but Ruthless album King Sun is incredibly slept on as a lyricist and is one of the best of the Bronx


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