Top 10 Female Hip Hop Groups


Women were a huge part of Hip Hop, back in the day they were seen as equals, on par with their male peers and less as objects or needing a male artist to introduce them to the world.
All female Hip Hop groups were popular for a minute in the 80s and early 90s, so I thought I’d do a list of the Top 10. In compiling the list I realized there weren’t as many all female groups as I originally thought, I also realized there was so much potential and how sad it is that there are zero such groups now … oh well

It’s always good to go down memory lane and acknowledge the forefathers and sisters that made Hip Hop so great, keep the music and feeling alive so …

10. Body and Soul

Body and Soul was a group headed by Dee Barnes (D Zire) West Coast duo signed to Delicious Vinyl with Def Jeff who produced their biggest single “Dance to the drummers beat”
They were also featured on 1990’s “We’re all in the Same Gang” by the West Coast Rap All Stars; Dee Barnes went on to host the Hip Hop video show Pump it up, she was also once a radio show hose on KDAY

9. Cookie Crew


Susie Q and MC Remedee straight out of London known as the Cookie Crew made their debut in 1987 with Rok Da House they used more of a Hip House style, their biggest single and video in the US came out in 1989 “Born this way (Lets Dance)
The group eventially disbanded and MC Remedee even became a chef for the Ministry of Defence; The Cookie Crew will always be remembered for giving us Hip House

8. The Conscious Daughters


CMG and Special – One better known as the Hip Hop Duo The Conscious Daugthers, they made their debut with the single “Somethin to Ride To (Fonky Expedition)” in 1994
They were signed to Scarface records ran by West Coast Rapper Paris
They had 4 Albums as a group from Ear to the Street to The Nutcracker Suite in 2009, sadly The Special One (Karryl Smith) passed away in 2011 and CMG released their last album as a solo “The Jane of All Trades”

7. Da Five Footaz


Jah Skillz, NebLuv, Knehi, I-AME , Red, and Ka-Bar Signed to G-Funk Records (Warren G) You’ll remember Jah Skillz from Warren G’s “G Funk Era” and the song “Super Soul Sis”
The group were featured on The Set it Off Soundtrack as Uni-5, they were also on the Jason’s Lyric soundtrack
Da Five Footaz DID record 2 different albums in the 90s but they were never released (later they would be online) there’s no denying the skill and talent of these ladies; as evident on The Heist

6. L’trimm


“Tigra and Bunny better yet L’Trimm”

Lady Tigra and Bunny D straight out of Dade County Florida debuted with “Grab it” in 1988 (At 16 and 17 years old), taking their name from a popular pair of Jeans … and flipping it with a “L” in the front
Dropped the Grab it single and Album and used a miami bass sound that was a hit on the charts (pre-dating JJ Fad’s Supersonic) another hit from the album to garner a lot of Airplay was “Cutie Pie” but nothing was bigger than “Cars with the Boom” which took the world by storm in 1988
In 1989 they released their last album Drop that bottom which included the title track and songs such as Low Rider and My Heart went boom … the duo split up after that but they defintely put their mark on Hip Hop

5. JJ Fad


Just Jammin Fresh and Def! (Please tell me you knew what that stood for)
Before when the group was a sextet it stood for the members first names … people remember JJ fad as a trio and the single Supersonic when they had a song before that called “Anotha Ho” in which they dissed:
Roxanne Shante
The Real Roxanne
Sparky D
and Salt N Pepa

MC JB, Sassy C and Baby D are the members that went on to create the 1988 Supersonic Album on Ruthless records (And signed by Eazy-E)
They were the first female group to go platinum, and the first to be nominated for a Grammy

4. Oaktown’s 357


Former background dancers in MC Hammer’s Posse rappers Lil P, Terrible T, and Sweet L.D. Oaktown’s 3-5-7 signed to Bust It records and debuted with Wild and Loose. The single Yeay, Yeah, Yeah and subsequent video was a success but the really blew up with “Juicy Gotcha Krazy”
Lil P left the group making 3-5-7 a Duo they went onto be featured on the West Coast All Start’s “We’re all in the same gang” and released a follup up Album Fully Loaded in 1991 before disbanding in 1992

3. The Sequence


Cheryl The Pearl, Blondie, and Angie B (Yes Angie Stone) was known as The Sequence, they made their debut in 1979! With the FIRST Rap Single released by a female group
“Funk You Up” … such a classic song, they remade Parliment’s “Tear the Roof Off the Sucker” with Funky Sound … also appearing on Monster Jam with Spoonie Gee
Their last album came out in 1983 called “The Sequence Party”
Of course Angie stone went on to become a successful solo artist, writer, and actress, as well as being a member of Vertical Hold in the 80s.

2. Finesse & Synquis


The first ladies of Uptown were featured in the 1986 Posse Cut “Uptowns Kickin it” which also gave us the debut of Heavy D & The Boyz and Groove B Chill, Had the looks, the style and the lyrics; they also released the single “Bass Game”. Finesse & Synquis charted with thier next single “Soul Sisters” they’re most popular song and dropped an album of the same name
They were viewed as an alternative to Salt N Pepa at the time a little less commercial, more hip hop and less go go, though they never managed to make it big; in 1990 the duo released “Straight from the Soul” and the group disbanded (Even see a young Diddy in the video); later Finesse became a member of another female group Deadly Venoms a Wu-Tang Affiliated group, however they never released an album.

1. Salt n Pepa

Salt-N-Pepa Portrait

Was there any question?
Of COURSE Salt n Pepa! Lets not forget Spinderella!
Every Guy had a crush on one or all of them, every B-Girl wanted to look or dress like them … they were on everyone’s wall and in my opinion made the single greatest hip hop album by a female group (or solo) ever Hot, Cool & Vicious and That’s not even the one they got famous off of!
Lyrics, sex appeal, pop appeal, classic songs and albums … iconic style
There’s not much more you need to say about Salt, Pepa and Spin!
… and shoutouts to Latoya Hanson, she gets forgotten a lot and we want to acknowledge everyone involved.

Shoutouts to: The Wee Papa Girl Rappers, Bonnie and Clyde, Silk Tymes Leather, BWP and HWA; as well as any groups that I missed
there really shouldve been more!

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  • Surge_Cess

    I like your list a lot! I’m a huge fan of female MC’s and I have every album by Conscious Daughters, Salt N Pepa and 5 Footaz. However I must also mention a couple other female groups that were omitted: Anomalies (from Detroit) and Deadly Venoms. My favorite being Deadly Venoms, at the height of their popularity the group had 5 members, Lin Que, N-Tyce, Champ MC, Finesse & J-Boo, all talented & legendary MC’s. I suppose they would have much more recognition if their first 2 albums weren’t shelved. Their only official release was the 3rd album “Still Standing”, which didn’t make the impact most people were expecting. However, I really enjoyed this write-up, thanks for reading my comment.


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