Big Daddy Kane

Big Daddy Kane

King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal

Hip Hop Hall of Fame for:

  • Emcee
  • Legendary Crew/Group

From: Brooklyn, NY
Crew Affiliation: The Juice Crew
Debut Album: Long Live The Kane

Best Song:

“Aint No Half Stepping”

Classic Singles:
(7 Minimum for HOF Status)

Aint no half stepping
Set it off
Smooth Operator
I get the job done
Warm it up Kane
Lean On Me


King Asiatic, Nobody’s Equal Top 5 (In my Opinion Top 3) lyricist of all time Member of the World Famous Juice Crew, writer for Biz and Shante Big Daddy has left a definite mark on Hip Hop
From the dances with Scoob and Scrap Lover, being one of the first emcees to appear as a feature on an R&B song … even appearing in Playgirl and Madonna’s book
Kane is one of the most influential emcees of the Golden Age and beyond.

Memorable Bars

If you know like I know, instead of messing around Play like Roy Rogers and sllloowww down.

The B-I-G D-A-double D-Y K-A-N-E Dramatic, Asiatic, not like many I’m different, so don’t compare me to another Cause they can’t hang, word to the mother.

Up on the stage is where I’mma get you at You think I’m losing?
Psst, picture that…

And if they’re sayin black is beautiful, it’s true not phony I’m Brown-er than Bobby so won’t you be my Tenderoni

Sold to nice dreamers, high as the price seem girlfriend, you been scooped like ice cream


Long Live the Kane (1988)
It’s a Big Daddy Thing (1989)
Taste of Chocolate (1990)
Prince of Darkness (1991)
Looks Like a Job For… (1993)
Daddy’s Home (1994)
Veteranz’ Day (1998)

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  • Rayy Live

    Overall…in my opinion Kane is the Greatest!