Lord Tariq – (Bronx #18)


“If gettin money’s a crime, well then I’m guilty as charged
Filthy rich, Lord built to be large
I’ll have the city sick
Pullin that silver shit out the garage
Under the sun with yo chick gettin a massage”

Sean Hamilton, bka Lord Tariq (@TariqLord) is one half of the 90s duo Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz … most notable for their smash hit Deja Vu (Uptown baby) from their 11998 Album “Make It Reign”
First appearing on verses from Whodini’s song “Cant get enough” they used that energy to bring the Hip Hop world a 1998 Hip Hop Anthem

Also don’t sleep on songs “We will Ball” and “Massive Heat”

“we did it all from flippin burgs to manipulating words
Gettin less than four Os on a check is absurd
I got the five it’s feasible, but the six is preferred
So when I step, you better have my shit correct, ya heard”

Lyrically he was underrated, he has a lot of slick lines and metaphors … Deja Vu blew up and they weren’t able to really be gutter because the single was so pop (Least its my guess)

Tariq is still in the business, still spittin, placing him at #18 on the Bronx greatest emcees list

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… Keep Hip Hop alive.

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