Record and Response: The Show


In 1985 Doug E Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew dropped the Hip Hop Classic “The Show”
(In my opinion the greatest 12″ Single in Hip Hop History)


The Show

The song was an immediate hit, from the Inspector Gadget theme sample to the drum programing, and the voice sample “is it real” in the background … a club, block, party, bedroom banger all around

The song basically details Doug and the GFC as they are getting ready for a show, narrated my MC Ricky D (Slick Rick) and Doug E Fresh

First, discussing wack rappers on stage whose rhymes don’t come out right … mainly because they’re biting
Doug taking too long putting on his trademark Ballys … and the first Hip Hop mention of a Shoe horn and corns LOL
… six minutes to go they still cannot find Chill and Barry, though they finally show

Classic beat boxing

When Doug tells us the GFC origin and how he does his classic sounds, and gives us a brief look at the differences between his and The Fat Boys Human Beat Box … then passes the mic to Slick Rick

Slick Rick gives us a tale of going downtown and running into this pretty woman on the train … for some reason; she roared at him (You know there are some weird people in NY, especially on the train tho)
After schooling the fine young lady on the difference between The Ruler Slick Rick and Frosted Flakes, he treated the woman identified as Michelle to his rendition of the Beatles song by the same name

“Michelle, my belle.
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,
Très bien ensemble”

(Dont act like you knew what he said after ‘belle’ LOL)

The song wraps up with some classic beat boxing and Doug reminding everyone how fresh he and his crew are

Not to be outdone!

In 1986 a New Hip Hop Group Super nature made a return record to The Show


The Show Stoppa

Again, after the Roxanne Wars, a response record was the thing to do, this one started off with Sandy D being posed a question similar to Doug E Fresh but … slightly … different

“Have you ever been to jams were people just stand, they pay to come in and they don’t even dance?”
They’re Souped … they’re so uncouth,
They think they’re cute …”

This is when we find out that these are the Salt n Pepa emcees and they introduce us to “The Jam” and instead of the Inspector Gadget Theme, they give us the Revenge of the Nerds theme (From the ending talent show of the first movie) … pretty dope.

So clearly this is a response to the Show, but just in case it’s not obvious enough:

“Sandy, you know we’re breakin hearts you know … it’s all about money though … But Douglass and Richard won’t like it … so?”
… come on then lets STOP THE SHOW

So much like Roxanne Roxanne and Revenge, where the first song didn’t target anyone, the response had direct aim…

“This beat is stupid fresh, awww yeah you know it, cold dissed Doug Fresh”

They talk about Rick’s Ballys, Gucci Suit and Gold Tooth from La Di Da Di and even sings to mimic The Ruler … and the beat uses a beat box as well, they include Sally from the Valley and ends the song with dissing Rick walking away

Overall two great songs, one was a smash hit and arguably one of the greatest songs in Hip Hop History, the other wasn’t a smash but gave us an introduction to the greatest and most influential female groups in Hip Hop.

A MORE Scathing diss was done by The Symbolic Three …
They crush Doug’s looks and gear … Rick’s dancing, calls him Gay, a tinkerbell LOL
… the group didnt amount to much, but the song is notable

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