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Podcast: Hilltop Hustlers

In this episode of the EHH Podcast I briefly discuss the Hilltop Hustlers … The Philly collective of Steady B, Cool C, Tat Money … for a second Three Times Dope; there’s even a Youngsters reference! 80s and 90s Hip Hop at it’s Philly Finest! Listen, Comment, Share … Tweet to me @TweetRhymesLife #EHHHilltop

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1989 – Top 25 Hip Hop Albums

We all agree that 1988 was the greatest year of Hip Hop right? Cool. Well what I’m gooing to do is post the top/greatest Hip Hop albums from each year afterwards, starting with 1989 here (Of course I’ll eventually do 1987 and before), anyway … this is my list, I tried to not be too…

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The Bridge Wars

The Bridge Wars The Bridge wars was one of the greatest events in the Golden Era of Hip Hop, it sparked multiple classic songs, verses and gave birth to one of the greatest careers in Hip Hop History The Rivalry as you can call it all started in 1985 when MC Shan released his 12”…

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