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The Ruthless Posse: NWA Posse Songs

Parental Discretion Iz Advised (1988) The first of the Posse Cuts they made, featured Dre, Ren, Cube, Eazy AND was kicked off by The D.O.C before we really knew him as The D.O.C. … and he was still just as dope back then: The D.O.C. “Ain’t too typical in any way, though the pro…

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Top 10 Christmas Hip Hop Songs

Christmas time, cannot forget about Hip Hop; Especially the Diamond and Golden Era; the contributions to the holiday is actually more than Just Christmas in Hollis LOL I figured I’d take a moment to count down what I think to be the 10 Best Hip Hop songs of that Era 10. Run DMC – Christmas…

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Top 50 Hip Hop Albums of the 80′s (24 – 1)

The continuation of the countdown of the Top 50 Hip Hop albums of the 80s Here are Numbers 50 – 25 I had my own list completed to put on the site, but much in the vein of the Groups list, I figured to add more intrigue to the rankings I’d employ a few other…

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