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Podcast: 1989 – The Crates

The Podcast is back this time we’re doing something a little different, due to the recent post of the Top 25 albums of 1989, I decided to go into the crates and pick 10 songs from 1989 that you may have forgotten, never heard, or only heard once… just having some fun to hold you…

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The Bridge Wars

The Bridge Wars The Bridge wars was one of the greatest events in the Golden Era of Hip Hop, it sparked multiple classic songs, verses and gave birth to one of the greatest careers in Hip Hop History The Rivalry as you can call it all started in 1985 when MC Shan released his 12”…

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Top 15 Beat Box Songs of All Time

Inspired by the “Top 10 Beat Box Artists” post I did, I wanted to actually shine a light on some of the songs those guys made, The emcee / Beat Box dynamic is one of the cornerstones of early Hip Hop and one of the more raw forms of the music … what I did…

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