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The Hip Hop Eras

On this site I will commonly refer to eras of Hip Hop: Diamond, Gold/Golden age, and Silver. Everyone has their own idea and opinion in which the “Golden Era” of Hip Hop was (or is) and I am no different. Now it’s easy to lump what you consider the best years of the music all…

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Hall of Fame Criteria

  On this site you will see emcees and other artists inducted into The (Encyclopedia Hip Hop) Hip Hop Hall of Fame where I’d like to spotlight and give recognition to the greatest and legends in the industry that made Hip Hop what it is Instead of waiting until they pass away or get sick…

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Definition of a “Classic”

Five Mics, XXL, 1 Scale, 10 Scale … what is a classic? A ton of Hip Hop sites, publications, critics, and fans all have their idea of what “classic” is. Some judge off of what they listened to when they grew up Some listen for beats Some listen for lyricism Some look at the impact…

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