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Podcast: Straight Outta Compton

In this episode of the EHH Podcast The Crew is back! @12Kyle and @AmazinJayce are on the show again, and we discuss the NWA film, Straight outta Compton (we know, all late) … that and what other Hip Hop Biopics we’d like to see The Podcast is back, take a listen and leave a comment!

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Top 50 Hip Hop Albums of the 80′s (24 – 1)

The continuation of the countdown of the Top 50 Hip Hop albums of the 80s Here are Numbers 50 – 25 I had my own list completed to put on the site, but much in the vein of the Groups list, I figured to add more intrigue to the rankings I’d employ a few other…

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1988 The GREATEST year in Hip Hop Music

I’ve designated The Golden Era of Hip Hop 1983 – 1988 a 5 year span, thought process is every year a good album or song came out cannot be the Golden Era and that in changes and shifts in the Hip Hop content so should the era Golden Era – Gold Chains and Sneakers Silver…

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