EDP09 – For the love of women

April 30, 2012

Episode 9!
The For the Love of women … #appreciation All Aesthetics show!

This episode I’m joined by @AmazingJayce and we discuss our love for women … who looks good, who does it for us, the celebrities that a lot of people like that do nothing for us and everything in between.
The eclectik beauty scale (Beautiful > Pretty > Sexy > Cute > Attractive) is unveiled and discussed with examples
A new game “The Finest” as well as 5 full rounds of “F, Marry, Kill” with some shocking results!
90210, A different World, Saved By the Bell … even NeNe Leakes is brought up!
#TheFifth is back of course as well as My personal 5 … give it a listen and let me know your thoughts in the comments or better yet a review on iTunes


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Chapter List *Enhanced Podcast*
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Chapter One: Trikes, Big Wheels, and Bikes … traumatic experiences, and The Rise and Fall of e

Chapter Two: The eclectik discussion podcast theme

Chapter Three: The eclectik Beauty Scale

Chapter Four: Commercial Break

Chapter Five: Special Guest @AmazingJayce – We The Good, The Bad, and The Sexy, Who we love, who we don’t, 90210, A Different World, Envogue, TLC, Aaliyah, Tiny and more!

Chapter Six: Commercial Break

Chapter Seven: @AmazingJayce vs. The Fifth – Body parts, Olympics, and hair care is brought up … the last question is to the death!

Chapter Eight: Commercial Break

Chapter Nine: My Top 5 and Outro

Why the show is random - Here are some of the things mentioned on today’s show

Tricycles, Boredom, Knee Scars, Flex Appeal, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Natural Hair, Gargoyles, Pringles, Trap Jaw, Glass Joe, Scrambled Eggs, Hulk Skates, Side Ponytails, Oatmeal, Frozen Fudge, Gorilla Cookies, and MUCH more!

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