Uncle Travelin’ cleck

November 1, 2012

I don’t Travel. I would travel though…here’s why I don’t There are few places I really want to go…but even the domestic places I need a reason I dont know anyone in these places so when I get/go there…what am I going to do (Besides Shop of course) Like… I want to go to New…

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Stupid Food

July 9, 2012

Food annoys me. I’m already a picky eater (See Read this)…I already eat next to anything…but damnit man! Like I LOVE to eat fruit…but I hate buying fruit, I go to the grocery store with ‘I’ma eat healthy’ glee in my face Cop me some fresh fruit…or you know when they have the fruit in…

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May 8, 2012

What type of guy … Watches Soap Operas every week…Young and the Restless and General Hospital…can’t talk to anyone about the storylines Has a Show girlfriend for every season of Top Model and American Idol (Among other shows) Would rather go shopping than eat or sleep Has more shoes than video games Watches Bridezillas and…

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