Dime Lines

Dime Lines: Park Place

April 19, 2009

She likes Hip Hop Laid back like me Down for Crate and Barrel and Z Gallerie Has a favorite Football team, can name few players Reads books, board games, Rocks Heels to Nike Airs Rather go shopping than club on the weekend Asks questions instead of assumin when I’m speakin When we’re sleepin Cuddles close…

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Dime Lines AD: Jungle Gym

March 19, 2009

At a lounge now on the way home, it’s just she and me On our way Out of DC we lookin bourgeoisie You should see the Thighs Skirt Legs …the way her hair lays You know me, Jeans and I’m wearin Heather Gray Orange moon plays I turn it up because that’s my shit We’re…

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Dime Lines: Creme Brulee

October 15, 2008

Presence alone makes the room sexy Alone want her to text me, want her next to me Nestle, complexion…cinnamon shades..peanut butter Skin is just beautiful; got it from her mother And I’m another Man that just wants to touch her And try not to smoother, the woman is Like That No makeup, ponytail and sweats…

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Dime Lines AD: Agape

September 6, 2008

In the background Discipline But I’m hardly listenin I’m hypnotized by her eyes and how they’re glistenin Got honey now I’m drizzlin Drippin over areolas Skin tone is bangin like caramel and Coca Cola And with my tongue I’m rollin over like the Spanish Roll “R’s” Nipples erect gettin strummed like the strings on guitars…

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Dime Lines: Refined

April 11, 2008

She has a Candy Bar Commercial Caramel Complexion Skin’s like crushed velvet and silk its perfection Affection is easily attainable, her lip gloss is sexy So much so I see her lips when she Texts me Lets see How can I describe her in a word? Exquisite A lot of Lovely nouns and sexy verbs…

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Dime Lines: Windows

March 29, 2008

Eyes The color of my birthstone, Sagittarius Tint sometimes varies, shade sometime various Pools of caramel Round like para sails Starin’ hypnotized like rides on carousels Windows to her soul are bronze and goldenrod Eyes are honest no mirage or some facade Half closed when she smiles Matches how she styles Tears of joy looks…

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Dime Lines AD: Deux Glasses

February 5, 2008

  Anticipation. Whether Months, weeks or hours Seems like an eternity None of that’s concernin me There she stands lookin like exotic Chocolate Her Kisses are erotic The taste is a narcotic Ecstasy and me neurotic I want, lust, and need her Ponytail, Orange boy shorts, a Beater I’m no lip reader…but way she just…

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Dime Lines: My Honeybun

January 5, 2008

This woman’s eyes are incredible Skin is like Nestle Neat freak like me, can’t stand being messy Takes me at face value, trust issues is not one Hit Sports bars or lounges cuz Night clubs is not fun Legs are sculpted, calves firm and rounded Perfection just for me, can’t believe I found it Damn…

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Dime Lines: Flexin

December 28, 2007

Portfolio diversified, 401 K Can sit and watch cartoons with me all day Or at least Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry a few hours And Monday Night not miss Girlfriends or Jack Bauer My Baby is Black power, women’s rights, independent But still lean on me when bitches get ignorant And we stay kickin’ it,…

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Dime Lines AD: Needle n’ Groove

October 30, 2007

Damn I love her legs Defined cut and feminie eyes trace up to her thighs with thoughts of swimin and Bastin tonuge twistin taste is cinnamon Stopping only when she cums just to begin again Calves lay on my back Hands grip under her knee Index and thumbs pulls her close to me She bucks…

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Dime Lines: Dos’e’Dos

September 21, 2007

We laugh and joke, she takes a bath and soaks In my glass Captain Morgans rum and bout a half a coke Her legs? Defined. strong like they trunks of oak Im half drunk under the spell of the candle smoke Music still low, got sportscenter on mute She comes out in a towel **Teeth…

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Dime Lines: Macchiato

September 6, 2007

Anticipation. Love when I know that I’ma see her She walks by side profile, I take a breather Now I’m neither Some schumck or Love Struck The Carols daughter Candy paint on her lips I wanna suck Wanna kiss, Her smile and style is pure bliss Hard to dismiss that this beauty exists I insist,…

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Dime Lines AD: intoxicant

August 31, 2007

She walks in sexy Cinnamon and Chocolate Smell gets me drunk, She’s my fav intoxicant Soft kiss, a hug…damn the embrace Got candles lit…look at the light hit her face She undresses to lace sheer and sexy…something black Sits down next to me Rub arms , kiss her back She gives a small peck I’m…

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Dime Lines: Vocabulary

July 26, 2007

  Figure eight silhouette, sculpted incredible Caramel complexion whets my lips like she’s edible Never thought she’d be gettable It’s like I won the lottery So damn sexy out of my league? Yeah Probably Gotta be magic how I got her on my arm Beautiful eyes sparkle like her Juicy Bracelet Charm Smile is high…

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Dime Lines: Track Star

July 21, 2007

Complexion of Coca Cola, in a glass, in the sun Legs of a Track star, hair that’s silk spun Breath like Cinnamon, got a career got the Benjamins Shop o holic like me so she got a flair for spendin’ em Ponytail’s no problem, Makeup’s not an option Shoe game catalog like Ebay Auctions NFL…

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Dime Lines: Lip Service

June 30, 2007

Full lips, I get lost in every curve Verbal intercourse every syllable in her words Even if they’re slurred, I’m a sucker for her pucker Profanities sound elegant as she softly demands I… When she licks ’em I’m quickly fallen victim Shivers down my spine as my eyes beg to kiss em So cute the…

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Dime Lines AD: Brown pearls

June 9, 2007

Cashmere mist is subtle The scent unmistakable Touch is intoxicating the lust inescapable Anticipatin Penetratin, Warm dampened silk Start with kiss around the neck taste like caramel milk The Donna Karen envelops as I descend to her chest Soft kisses outlines the curvature of the breasts Nipples Cherry Cola, mouth watering soaks the areola Scene…

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Dime Lines AD: 12 to 1

May 16, 2007

As soon as I walk in the erection takes over Oils are burnin, drunk off the scent fuk sober She looks incredible Baby Tee Boy Shorts exceptional Mouth watering, she’s suckable, likable she’s edible My cinnamon Swirl, Candy Girl she’s a vision Minds filled with thoughts of intimate collisions I bought ice cream But she’s…

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Dime Lines XII: Olfaction

May 4, 2007

Look at her nose, you wanna grab it in your knuckles pinch it, rub it with yours Just to make her chuckle When she laughs it gets crinkled Something stinks it gets wrinkled She drinks champagne and bubbles make it tingle When I mingle with her, it’s not the first thing you see and call…

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Dime Lines AD: Cardigan

March 7, 2007

Peanut butter complexion Golden taste of honey Personification of Musiq’s song sunny I got a Mix CD on My song our Song is playing Laid back relaxed, in her hair my fingers’ playin Soft kiss on the lips; they’re lip glossed and shiny Gets up and straddles me each thigh on the side of me…

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