When I fell in love with Hip Hop

July 13, 2011

Anyone that knows me knows I love Hip Hop music … and I can talk it all day; ever since the movie “Brown Sugar” (one of my personal favorites) came out people ask “When did you fall in love with Hip Hop?”
…I’ve never really answered that on my site I don’t think … so why not now?

Introduced to Hip Hop

I found Hip Hop with Rappers Delight and Rappin and Rocking the House by the Funky Four Plus One
The sounds were different I already knew the track for Rappers Delight but they were talking over it lol … what really grabbed my attention was Wonder Mike talking about going over his friend’s house to eat
… said their food was ugly and stunk LOL
That was all I had heard but then The Funky Four Plus One more made that Rappin and Rockin and Sha Rock KILLED that joint! (http://youtu.be/fUUyGxRoDQY)
I think I was doing the Wop before The Wop came out LOL


Started Dating Hip Hop

Play at your own Risk and Planet Rock was being played EVERYWHERE like no one disliked those songs lol
I think I got my first Box then … I remember sitting outside on the steps rockin’ The Message that track was an animal!
Apache and 8th Wonder dropped (I still have the vinyl) and “That’s the Joint” by F4+1 was real dope

By 3rd and 4th grade I was all in

Back then you could go to the local record store and the cooler people that worked there would make you a tape w/ all the new joints that came out or whatever was hot for $10
(The First Mix tapes) … that’s how I was exposed to all the different songs, I didn’t have $10 (I was in Grade school! lol) but I knew people that did and I just dubbed their joints
I remember my first tape had “It’s Yours” by T La Rock on it, it was the second to last song on the first side … I remember because I kept rockin that joint lol
Rock Box by Run DMC popped off too … that was on MTV, like that was the first time I really SAW Hip Hop


Fell in Love with Hip Hop

But I truly fell in Love w/ Hip Hop in 1984

I was over my Grandmother’s house and my Uncle had the UTFO “Hangin’ out” Single and on the B Side there was a song called “Roxanne Roxanne”
I played that joint and thought it was extra dope because of how they all rhymed about the same chick, 3 different styles, having fun and the beat was sick … plus the scratching I loved it

But then …

I Heard Roxanne’s Revenge by Roxanne Shante (btw my 2nd Fav Hip Hop Song of all time)

She was 14 and the whole joint was freestyle!
The way that beat dropped and hearing Shante’s cracky Voice spit and go hard on the three guys that made the original joint … like legit beef style lol
I was wrapped up in it! I LOVED that song
That summer I’d put it on my mother’s stereo put the speakers up in the window and go outside and kick it… sit and write rhymes
We’d play bullshit games or whatever but I rocked that joint to death! I still do to this day … Roxanne’s Revenge always makes me happy

The song was SO dope it started The “Roxanne Wars” like one of the most influential times in Hip Hop … go Google it!


So really 1984 was the year that I started truly loving Hip Hop and never looked back

You had Roxanne Roxanne, Roxanne’s Revenge and all those joints, plus Run DMC’s joint

Whodini and The Fat Boys came out … they dropped Classics!

Whodini had “The Freaks come out at night” and the Fat Boys “Fat Boys” and “Jail House Rap”

Newcleus dropped “Jam on it” … that wikki wikki wikki joint! lol

… What people do for money, One for the Treble, and that DJ Please pick up the phone I’m on the Request Line joint!

And Radio Activity by RoyalCash I’m STILL trying to find that joint!!! (If you have the mp3 HIT ME!!!)

Breakin’ came out .. saw it in the theater … copped the soundtrack on vinyl

I wrote my first rhyme in 1983 / 1984 I think

By the next year I was engrossed in all things Hip Hop and it was a wrap when La Di Da Di and The show dropped and I purchased “Radio” by LL Cool J

… I feel a string of Hip Hop posts coming now LOL!

  • luvly6footer

    OH MAN OH MAN!! I think this is my favorite post. I have so much to say… a true blessing is being an 80’s baby and getting to know the real HIP HOP. Experiencing it at it’s best ever!! I know all the lyrics to all these songs… ROXANNE ROXANNE!!! Whew!! I am ready to turn it up and party!!! Thanks E.

  • http://thebackspin.com Spin

    you beatin us upside the head wit nostalgia homeboy.. feel sorry for those who weren’t able to witness that era… great post 😉

  • http://www.lyric2go.com C-Recks

    YO!!! Dope post man. By the time you fell in love I was just barely being introduced. Yet still have the same love as deep as yours. But I later heard all those old joints and knew where what I first started hearing came from.

    Check you on the show tonight fam.

  • http://www.hiphopknights.com Hip Hop Recording

    That’s awesome about your discovery of hip hop. Lots of great things came out in hip hop in the 1980s. Rapper’s Delight will always be a classic.

    Hip Hop Tune

  • http://www.thatgirlshell.blogspot.com ShellShell

    This post takes me back! I listen to Whodini all the time. One of my favorite songs is “you’re a ho!” I love that song! I know I probably shouldn’t like it but oh well! LOL! I also love “Funky Beat.” “84 I was 12. I constantly was walking around with my walkman with the hottest mix tapes since my cousins lived in Brooklyn and poor me lived in the burbs of Buffalo with a plethora of white people! Fat Boys…my older cousins homeboys! When I came to BK the Fat Boys would be at my auntie’s house chillin!

    Man this took me back!

  • lovnlife

    E!!!!!! I need you to bring E-D back!


    Please. lol

  • Uncle Duz

    I was there..bx river,the fever,skate fever..& let me tell you..It was a great time in the 80’s.. Anybody out there remember the 178st block parties? get @ me!

  • http://www.oldschoolofmusic.com/ Old School Music Lover

    Those songs bring back some good memories for me. I love old school music. The music today sucks.

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