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October 31, 2011

Usher is awful and always been; I don’t understand the appeal … reminds me of the Yellow M&M

So we are supposed to pretend that R. Kelly didn’t jack Aaron Hall’s whole style and just ran away with it?

Has Frankie Beverley made any songs other than Southern Girl and Before I let you go?
… oh yeah Back in stride again

I bought John Legend’s first CD … I haven’t liked him since, besides he’s a soft ass Sonic The Hedgehog

Keith Sweat had the greatest solo debut album in male R&B history
… matter of fact out of everyone Keith Sweat has the greatest first two solo releases ever

Women loved Al B Sure when he came out despite him rockin the fresh Bert Brows

Al B helped usher in the “All Light Skin Everything” renaissance… cue Christopher Williams

Luther had that one curl lol His videos were very tangy too … made some classics though

I remember when Terence Trent D’Arby came out, I didn’t know what he was, but Wishing Well was that song!

Freddie Jackson The Poor man’s Luther just fell smooth the fukoff

…remember O’Bryan? No? just me.

My Favorite Voices of all time: Big Bub, Charlie Wilson, and Steve Arrington

Gerald LeVert was underrated

I loved Rick James songs it seemed like he’d just go into the booth and make a hit … like smoke and freestyle

I dont remember a single Keith Washington song or Lyric … he’s more popular to me for the role on Martin

People love to go Michael Jackson Vs. Prince and who is better … you can’t completely compare them to each other … but I’ll give it a shot:

Mike was a better entertainer
Prince was more talented
Both were show men
… overall I give the edge to Prince, he’s one of the greatest guitar players ever, he wrote all his songs, and he developed more careers/artists than Mike

For the LONGEST time I thought J.T. Taylor was “Kool” in Kool and the Gang
…I also thought he was Donnie Simpson too so lol

Bobby Womack gets little to no mention in naming the greats, but he put in work!

You could put Teddy Pendergrass, Bobby Womack, Marvin Gaye, and Al Green up against anyone and they’d win

Love Morris Day, that man had more dances than anyone lol Oak Tree, The Bird, The Walk, The Jerk Out, Chili Sauce …

D’Angelo is dope … but really every one of his songs sound the same … his shits like one long ass song with different beats … great for a drive

El DeBarge made hits and hit some of the illest notes ever

Always seemed like it would hurt to sing like Phillip Bailey all the time … that’s a high pitched individual

Bobby Brown is my favorite singer … redic I know but I love New Edition and that year from when Dont be Cruel came out … he ran the industry for a good two years

I know 2 Lou Rawls songs, yet the first thing I think about him when his name comes up is Garfield

Lionel Ritchie was cool … but all I can think of is that awful bust the blind chick made in “Hello”

I always got Jeffery Osborne and Peabo Bryson mixed up … ultimately who cares

Stevie Wonder made better songs in the 70s than the 80s … I could care less about anything he did since then
If it weren’t for that ONE song we would’ve never had to be subject to Tevin Campbell … damn you Quincy … and he ruined the Purple Rain Sequel!!!

Daryl Hall has a better voice right now than 90% of the popular male singers making music today

Marvin Gaye was so dope … like beyond dope From Sexual Healing to Mercy Mercy Me … to the greatest National Anthem ever!

  • shethinksoften

    Hilarious!!! but! I must say…I agree with some of your statements. I am a major Stevie Wonder fan. The Original Musiquarium….Songs to the Key of Life….Hotter than July…yeah…around that time…love it! My other favorite is Marvin Gaye. I want you deluxe version…Hear my dear….I could just go on. He was an awesome singer. Bobby Womack is the man…I always called him a storyteller before he sang. LOL! Great artist never the less. Al Green also…he is the hometown man for me (Memphis).

    Great post!

  • 12kyle

    Dope post as usual fam.

    And as usual…we disagree on some things.

    Frankie Beverly got classics, son

    High praise for the Beggar’s solo album. It was dope but i dunno

    Al B and Bert…separated at birth

    What car wash does Terence Trent D’Arby work at?

    Great voice? Big Bub? LoL! I know you still got the maxi single for Why You Gettin Funky on Me

    Rick James was the illest. Remember when MTV wouldn’t play his videos b/c Rick was “too black”

    The Prince vs MJ debate will ALWAYS start a fight. I feel you on this one, doe

    LMAO @ Kool/Donnie Simpson

    Marvin Gaye’s national anthem is the all time classic

  • doreenre

    What about Donny Hathaway, Al Jarreau, James Ingram, Babyface, Eric Benet…

    LMAO @ Phillp Bailey

  • Corey Chapman (@chapmanrunner)

    Prince vs. MJ isnt debatable to me. As much as I loved MJ’s solo albums (up to HIStory) and showmanship, he pales in comparison to the overall body of work of Prince.

    So we are supposed to pretend that R. Kelly didn’t jack Aaron Hall’s whole style and just ran away with it? Better question: Are we supposed to just forget that R. Kelly was into underage girls and enjoyed water sports? Man, I cannot get past that! And where did he bury the bodies of the members of Public Announcement? And can someone REALLY trap him in the closet and throw away the key?

    Terance Trent D’Arby- lets not forget “Sign Your name” Anyone? Anyone?

  • Msdailey

    This was good and this is true:

    You could put Teddy Pendergrass, Bobby Womack, Marvin Gaye, and Al Green up against anyone and they’d win

    • Len

      Don’t know about that. Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Luther Vandross, and Wilson Pickett could definitely hang with that group.

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